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kelowna trip

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2008 by Aaron

I just had a couple classes cancelled, this is as good of a time as any to write this story I suppose. Sally and I go back to Kelowna to visit my parents every year and this time we managed to get a full eleven days due to some timely volcanic activit yin the Aleutians (they were cancelling night flights so we bumped our trip ahead a few days). We spent the week visiting old friends, touring the Okanagan’s burgeoning wine country and I rode bikes a few different times.

One of the highlights of this trip for me was seeing Matt Lindsay for the first time in three years or so. Matt recently moved back from Taiwan with his girlfriend and they have a baby on the way (congrats man). It’s always interesting to watch someone ride after not seeing them for a really long time. Riding with people every day, you don’t notice it too much when they learn new stuff; it seemed like Mat thad a whole new bag of tricks, including really nice tables like the one in the post below.

We were able to hit some old spots as well. I always wanted to do the mall rail in Penticton and even though I never did, seeing Desson do it  in person was a treat; he even did it at the end of a line… it’s one of the best clips we shot there and it will be in the video. We made it all the way across town to the hospital rails, only to find them newly capped. these were some of the first rails I ever slid back in the day and it’s amaing that they finally capped them after ten  years of good sessions.

Penticton bowl is still amazing and there are a couple photos from that session down below. Desson was airing the hip ridiculously and fell really hard. Also at the park, Mat Ridgeway unleashed a ton of tuck no hande variations, even one that I’ve never seen before. Riding with Mat is always fun because he doesn’t take anything too seriously and does tricks like bunnyhop no footer one handers.

Later in the week I got the chance to session Mat and Ty Zee’s trails, which were amazing. Their trails were completely different than ours, focusing more on flow and easy lines. They built roll-ins, wallrides and quarter pipes to go along with a big set of quads; I could spend days there and not find all the lines. The last day we went there, we got kicked out by park rangers who were about to bring in an excavator to plow the trails; this is the second set of trails to be plowed in kelowna this year and it’s a total bummer that the rangers are on such a plowing rampage. they gave us all the typical lines like “it costs us a lot of money to clean these things up” etc. but showed no intention of wanting to work towards a compromise, it’s ridiculous because as long as the province keeps plowing them, I’m sure the locals will keep building more.

We also rode a bit of street in Vernon, and Desson jumped off a roof! (see below). That spot possessed the most incredible bank to wall I’ve ever set my tires on; Ridgeway did an awesome wallride variation there and we introduced Steve to Tim Horton’s. To finish off the night we rode Winfield park, one of the oldest parks in the Valley which was apparently designed by Sam McKinley to look like a certain part of the male anatomy due to its proximity to the airport landing strip. I learned a trick there, meeting my quota of two for the year.

If you didn’t catch it, there are some screen grabs from the trip below.

film strip: kelowna

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2008 by Aaron

Riders: Mat Ridgeway, Rick from somewhere near Princeton, Matt Desson, Matt Lindsay

I’ll have a story up as soon as my schedule mellows out.

left/right online

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Watch this:

a.gates is missing

Posted in Uncategorized on August 20, 2008 by zheinen

yet somehow filming is getting done. GO US. terrence and i have been going out the last couple nights getting a decent amount of clips. terrence is even improving behind the lens.

Kelowna, Day 5?

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2008 by Aaron

Rode Penticton Yesterday with Matt Lindsay and Desson. We met some guys from somewhere near Princeton, they made the video below (check it out, it’s awesome). The day was full of highs and lows, including awesome riding. monsoon rain and the hospital rails being capped. Sorry, no photos.

omg. from omg. on Vimeo.

another photo

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a photo

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Matt Desson, photo by Taylor Leigh. Turns out there was a photo out there to post after all, though it’s not from this trip.

Kelowna -days 1 and 2

Posted in Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 by Aaron

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos, but I rode Penticton with Mat Ridgeway and Matt Lindsay yesterday, it was pretty rad. Fortunately, Ryan shot this photo of Tim Fleagle, which is totally amazing so I have an excuse to post. Click it to see it bigger.

We’ve got a couple cool things planned filming wise down here, the weather has been incredible and I’m looking forward to cruising around town.

Edit: WordPress is doing something weird so you have to click that thing to see it all.

At My Peak (its a low peak, like the foothills)

Posted in Uncategorized on August 12, 2008 by canadianshawn

A few years ago, after I had lived in Portland, Oregon for about a year I realized that I had peaked in BMX about 2 years prior to that. I didn’t mind, and still don’t, it is a strange thing to realize though, and I am going to write a little about that time in my life.

So before I checked 50 bmx websites, 50 times a day and before I was apart of multiple BMX based boards, and when getting the new ride was cool, cause there was “up-to-date” news in it on the BMX world, and when watching the new video was watching the newest riding style (not “I remember when that got filmed”).

When BMX was fun…

After I had been to college for a few years, and gotten a legit summer job that would actually pay for the next year, I rolled in to the Southern most town of the Okanagan where I would spend the next 4 months, and perhaps longer. I knew I would be far away from a good skatepark, and didn’t know if anyone even rode bikes there. I was going to be somewhat close to some good friends, and looked forward to some good time on my bike, and a few good road trips North.

So I hit the town late a night in my VW rabbit, bike on the swagman and rolled through. Quickly I found about 4 guys that had bikes, an abandoned parking garage with a flat bank and a rock down some stairs. That was the start of a great summer and what would lead to one of the best times riding my bike.

Without going to deep, since I started writing this post about 2 months ago, and just founded it in the drafts. (Aaron you have one in there too.) I will just highlight a couple points and then publish this thing.

So # 1 had to be just hitting the streets once the sun went down and the temp dropped below 100. It would be way to hot at about 10:00pm but that is when we would start rolling around trying to find something to ride. Mostly I rode with Ryan, he would be a consistent part of my summer, and then quickly got better than me, and now I get stoked watching him on No Bikes.

Anyways the first point of this summer was a hidden gem, it was about 45 minutes south in Omach (Sam and I called it Omach instead of Omak for some reason.) Washington. I would go down there with Sam and hit up Taco Bell and then we would ride the best mini to date. My fav part was moving the ramps by a few feet in order to do ally-opp 270’s into the mini off a 1/4. There was also a small spine that I liked, that will lead into the highlight trick for me in bmx.

Out side of going to other skateparks, that summer was rad cause there had been an ongoing debate and fight to get a skatepark in that town. I have always been a fan of a skatepark in every town, so I got on board early on and started moving this 10 year rut of moving no where plan of a skatepark, moving forward. I did leave that summer without a skatepark, but it was in before the next summer. Legit.

3rd highlight came the next winter, as I left to go back to the cold cold winter of Alberta, I got in a rut of my own. Trying to learn this trick… maneuver over this stupid spine, which I only pulled once, and now all of you could probably pull any day of the week.

So after I pulled that I learned for the first time how I would end up hating the Internet, I posted it on some forum all stoked that I finally could move on, and I got comments like. That’s lame. It took you that long to learn that…

So with all that, and too long of a post. That is one year in BMX that I wont soon forget. And any time I drive to Canada, you will catch me at the park that I feel like I have a little piece of.

leaving sooner than expected

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2008 by Aaron

For some reason whenever I’m headed back down to Kelowna a volcano messes with our plans. Last year I almost didn’t make it off the Aleutian Chain and this year they’re cancelling all the night flights because a couple volcanoes are going off across the gulf and sending ash plumes over here. Because of that we decided to reschedule and leave tomorrow. I’ve been a little short on the posts lately, but I’ll update throughout the trip as I’m sure I’ll be riding a bit. In the meantime, here are two sections I never posted from Four Corners:


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