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t1 web video?

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I’ve never seen this before, some of it is from You Get What You Get though. I will probably own a T1 until they stop making them.

better late than never

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Ryan’s been filming a whole bunch for the video. He was going to put together a Vancouver mix, but at this point he felt like most of the footage he had was too old, so he put together this web video. This is awesome though.

fat trax year end edit

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Posted in Uncategorized on January 30, 2010 by Aaron

I don’t have much to post, but Richard just put up some winter photos from Penticton over at actnow.

This is the least surprising broken part I’ve ever seen.

fear the boom and bust

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Posting a bit from my other life here, but everyone cares about the economy, right? This video wa sput together by Russ Roberts, who is a Phd. economist at George Mason University, and blogs at Cafe Hayek. Economists, like riders, have lots of insider terms and jokes, and that’s the main thing that makes this funny, but I hope some of you aren’t completely lost and appreciate some of the nuances of this video (watch for the names of the two bartenders, that’s a reference everyone should get). More bmx tomorrow!

another jeremy deme video

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Featuring some Vancouver dudes and Luke Santucci. Nice.

more old photos

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More shredding in Laos

420 tag, circa 2002. Society had yet to connect the dots with other scandalous numbers.

I can only assume that the dude on the left is the Thai Keanu Reeves.

Despite the hard work of coping denting bikers.


in today’s news

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Brian Foster is looking less bald. Is that a seatpost?

2-Hip still exists.

I don’t usually post news (or jack the top two posts on the come up), but these were compelling surprises.

roadfools 17

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24, 2010 by Aaron

I hadn’t bought a roadfools since roadfools 10. It’s not that the later versions weren’t good, it just became a bit of a tired format. This Roadfools was the same, except all of the riders rode for either Kink or Etnies (with the exception of Big Daddy), and there was a stupid running joke about it being a competition. During this video, you will encounter such things as Catfish using the phrase “multi-faceted bmx extravaganza”, and an epic debate between both teams over whether they should go swimming or not.

Chris Doyle brings the comedy on this one. His explanation of the “pro walk” was far an away the best character clip of the video. He and Morgan Wade also produced the best riding in the video, in my view. Sure, neither of them can do a luc-e grind, but they aren’t afraid to ride the big stuff, and it’s always fun to watch. Morgan undoubtedly does the trick of the trip in the form of a gigantic wallride, the scale of which you just have to see to believe.

Big Daddy was supposed to be a big ticket on this one, and he was his usual mix of comedy and hilarious riding. He got hurt on like the second day, and since I think the tricks he does are the funniest thing about his persona, that took a bit out of it for me. You’ve got to love a guy who wears a helmet with ear flaps on street though.

I assume that Catfish was along for the comedy as well, but he was mostly just annoying. I’m sure the dude is a barrel of laughs in real life, and he’s gotten pretty rad in the past, but the mix of over-zealous Big Daddy fandom and an intro so cheesy I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not were not doing it for me.

One thing I like about roadfools is they aren’t afraid to go to a skatepark. Since it’s not cool to film at the skatepark anymore, there is some awesome stuff going on there that is a bit under represented. In this video, we get a reminder that most of those dudes can shred a mini ramp. Tony Hamlin does something I’ve wanted to do forever, which is a 360 downside footplant on a wallride. It’s amazing, and it’s nice to know it’s at least possible.

Overall, it’s not the epic adventure of past roadfools; It’s probably equivalent to a couple of roadtrip sections in a normal props video, and for that reason I wouldn’t buy it again. I would probably pay ten bucks for it if I could find a used copy, or skip it and pick up a regular issue of Props, which apparenlty were excellent last year (I’ve only seen one, but it was good).


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is awesome!


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