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new ad

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I threw together this ad over the past couple weeks, thanks to brandon mat and matt for the clips…


Christmas Eve session with Matt, Ed and Ted. Thanks Jesus for getting us together.

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Just a quick note that the december sale has begun, click the t-shirts, hoodies etc. link to the left for details… there’s some good deals in there.

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I got a little bored with the old template so I changed it… though I think most of these blogger templates suck, it is definitely enabling more content and that’s cool. Ryan Harly from Fairbanks has a rad video up on his myspace right now, I definitely don’t know how to direct link it but you can check it out here:

Also if you’re from Kelowna you might know who Sheldon Meleshinski is; the word on the street last time I was in town was that he got hit by a van… well he did and it’s in his section in Zero’s New Blood, which can be found here:

We’ve got a few things planned for the holidays including a big sale. Watch for it sometime in the next week.


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Tim Fleagle 360 transfer (photo by Zac)

The Fairbanks trip was rad, can’t say enough about that contest, we had so much fun. You may have noticed a new front page, those are two photos Zac took at the comp, Tommy pretty much pulled that fuf, which is pretty crazy considering the drop on the other side; he also 5050d it with no pegs. There’s a rundown of the comp in Zac’s blog if you’re interested in other details… Everyone up there was rad, so if you’re reading this, and you’re from Fairbanks thanks for the great time and we’ll be back soon.

I took some footage from the trip and finished this video, which is mostly clips that are too grainy (but the riding’s good):

Laser what?

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Andrew has a big photo in the new Ride UK, David Hawthrone wrote the Metro article so there’s a bunch of little bits about all the Canadians that did well there, including the crowd response to Andrew (“His friends call him laser dick, and he has a lot of friends”) and Sexsmith almost killing himself going over the back of the step up/transition ramp trying to fuf the backrail (“everyone thought he was off to the hospital, but he got back on the bike and pulled it”). Other than that I made a new shirt design that can go on t-shirts or hoodies, I like to think of it as having mad Peter Pan style a la the flying pirate ship but it’s just a hand sketch I did of a clocktower photo I took in New Zealand with a bit of randomness. The Anchorage crew is headed up to Fairbanks today for a contest at the indoor there, none of us have rode in like forever so it should be a good time and hopefully Zac or I will snag some photos/video.



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here is the deal, these are the new no bikes stickers, 6 years in the making. any way the team guys should have some freebees soon. but if you want some of your own send 2 bucks USD or CAD or Euros, what ever just no NT (Matt) to:

Travis Burroughs
apt 204 555 north Rd
Coquitlam BC
V3J 1N8
Because of the nature of these stickers. all proceeds will be going to my drafting class at the high school ware I teach. We need a new printer.

If any one is interested in have stickers made up for who knows what, we can making anything for a price. If you are interested in having your own stickers done up e-mail me at No money from this will be going to no bikes. every thing will be going directly to the school. And it is not no bikes making these stickers, it is my drafting department. I will give rates upon request.