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Laser what?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 15, 2006 by Aaron

Andrew has a big photo in the new Ride UK, David Hawthrone wrote the Metro article so there’s a bunch of little bits about all the Canadians that did well there, including the crowd response to Andrew (“His friends call him laser dick, and he has a lot of friends”) and Sexsmith almost killing himself going over the back of the step up/transition ramp trying to fuf the backrail (“everyone thought he was off to the hospital, but he got back on the bike and pulled it”). Other than that I made a new shirt design that can go on t-shirts or hoodies, I like to think of it as having mad Peter Pan style a la the flying pirate ship but it’s just a hand sketch I did of a clocktower photo I took in New Zealand with a bit of randomness. The Anchorage crew is headed up to Fairbanks today for a contest at the indoor there, none of us have rode in like forever so it should be a good time and hopefully Zac or I will snag some photos/video.