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So the article with Steve got shrunk by the internet… the perils of inexperienced blogging I guess. I’ll try to get an unshrunk version up real soon.



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Been slacking on the updates lately… I finally put the interview I did with Steve together; click it above to see it. Sexsmith has a photo and 3 question interview in the new Ride UK, pick it up, it’s a killer issue. I got sick on the weekend so I’ve been watching tons of MacGyver on DVD; best show ever? I think so. I just wanted to give a shoutout to Dom Mach because Dom Mach is awesome and could probably gap to smith his own toptube while still riding his bike. Just in case you were wondering, these are the trends that I’m pushing for in ’07:

-indian givers
-ms paint
-90’s retro gear (studded belts, pink shirts, white ties etc.)
-ty z


Zane Hudson bike check

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Zane sent me this bike check, and he is the new team rider; If you’ve never heard of him he’s from Campbell River, BC and I once knocked him out with a half loaf of bread (or he’s really good at faking being knocke dout and kind of puking). Someone I know once said this about him: “Zane is the best, anyone who doesn’t like him sucks, although his hair kind of makes him look like a butt”. He has since changed his hairstyle. Zane is working hard on a little video, which will show up on here sometime and we’ll have a team page for him soon. In the meantime, I did a little question and answer with Steve from Fort St. James that will be on here as soon as I can put everything together; it’s pretty cool, i like that guy.


Frame: 21” Seshin Liger
Fork: Fit flow 3/8
Headset: Crap
Stem: s&m XLT
Bars: s&m Slam bars
Grips: Animal Edwin
Barends: Kink light
Cranks: Profile
Pedals: Animal Hamilton
Sprocket: Primo 24t
Chain: Kmc fancey chain with half link
Rear Wheel: Primo mix cassette, primo white spokes, 36 Supra B Rear
Tire: Fly
Front Wheel: G-sport marmoset, primo white spokes, 36 Supra B Front
Tire: s&m Mainline
Seat clamp: s&m XLT
Post: Really light 1664 post
Seat: Odyssey Senior kevlar
Brakes: Monoleaver small, WTP cable, Hombres with koolstop pads
Pegs: Macneil
Thanks: Seshin bikes, Ripzone sk8-bmx in campbell river, 1664.

new stuff

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I have a couple things to post tonight, but right now I’m on my way to class… or should be. BK has a blog up at , although I don’t know if they can legitimately associate it with BK as it actually gets updated fairly regulairly. Let’s hope this continues. The mystery post below was made by noneother than our newest team rider, whose identity I’ll leave you guessing until tonight; it’s not too much of a shocker though.


Im board…

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Go to…

Buy a hoodie, or a shirt, or both.

Desson has nice hair.

Space Shuttle.

Two Videos

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From Zane…

look for more content in the coming days…

Also I just heard from Andrew that he’s headed to New Zealand to ride in the X-Air contest and hang out for a month. I think we’re all a little jealous…

The Greatest Explorers in the World

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Well, new years has come and gone and though bmx content is kind of dwindling on here due to, well, three feet of snow in the last week, I thought I’d kick the year off right with some music stuff. The Greatest Explorers in the World are from Victoria and I know a couple of them, but don’t think I’m just putting this up to give a shoutout to my friends, they rip pretty hard. Click to expand the article to full size. (it’s just a few questions answered by Tristan Thompson, the drummer and apparent best candidate for question answering)
Check out their myspace here: , there’s a new song as of last week as well as a few from the Caverns EP released last summer.