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these didn’t work before, but now they do.

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I did this little interview with tyzee last week, thought it turned out nice, and he sent some rad photos to go along with it from saskatchewan, there’s even a jack appearance near the end.
I have another interview with the guys from Savvy ride shop in Fairbanks ready to go, so expect that this week maybe….


And if the answer is yes, I do NOT do that thing.

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This is a hoodie I made for Zane, I thought it came out really well. I made that screen out of some stickers and tape; yeah, we’ve got a top dollar operation going on here… I just heard a little bit from Andrew, I guess he made the finals and got like 17th at X-Air in New Zealand which is real cool, lots of big names down there. But yeah congrats man if you’re reading this…
I have a bit more new content coming this week; a couple interviews and things like that, so look out for that.

Haiku Fever!

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My friend Jason got me into Haikus when I was in New Zealand, trust me, they’re the next big thing. I’ve decided to write some video reviews in this format, because it’s the best idea ever.

video was good
randy taylor has weird hair
curved wall to three whip!

Road fools 15
Doesn’t beat Road Fools 10
for one good reason: Dom Mach!
Catfish is an idiot.

What was he thinking
That Stevie Wonder song?
Like, what the hell man?

Did they see Voices?
Cause they used a song from that…
Sped up footage… gross.

Hopefully that was moderately entertaining. Since there’s really no bike riding going on up here, I feel like I want to fill a post or two with some normal life stuff. For the last year or so Sally and I have been collecting pictures of really bad church signs to make a coffee table book (you know the ones, “God answers knee-mail”, “Jesus Died for your sins, Deal or no Deal?” etc. or the ones that just straight up tell you you’re going to hell, those are the best ones, they are awesome). Anyways, the other day we drove by this church that had actually put up a sign that said “God loves you, will you be his Valentine.” Like seriously, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.

took long enough…

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I finally got Steve’s interview divided into pieces; hopefully the internet doesn’t shrink it again. Unfortunitely I had to save it as a gif and those kind of suck too… you win some, you lose some.
Not too sure what everyone’s up to as school has being going crazy lately. It almost got good enough to ride again here but then it snowed. Want to know how cold it is in Fairbanks?
That’s a video that’s been floating around the net, if you can’t tell what’s going on the water vapourizes mid flight…
The Fairbanks crew had an all night jam last night (no homo) which is probably the best idea ever; Word is there will be another one in a month.