Haiku Fever!

My friend Jason got me into Haikus when I was in New Zealand, trust me, they’re the next big thing. I’ve decided to write some video reviews in this format, because it’s the best idea ever.

video was good
randy taylor has weird hair
curved wall to three whip!

Road fools 15
Doesn’t beat Road Fools 10
for one good reason: Dom Mach!
Catfish is an idiot.

What was he thinking
That Stevie Wonder song?
Like, what the hell man?

Did they see Voices?
Cause they used a song from that…
Sped up footage… gross.

Hopefully that was moderately entertaining. Since there’s really no bike riding going on up here, I feel like I want to fill a post or two with some normal life stuff. For the last year or so Sally and I have been collecting pictures of really bad church signs to make a coffee table book (you know the ones, “God answers knee-mail”, “Jesus Died for your sins, Deal or no Deal?” etc. or the ones that just straight up tell you you’re going to hell, those are the best ones, they are awesome). Anyways, the other day we drove by this church that had actually put up a sign that said “God loves you, will you be his Valentine.” Like seriously, that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard.


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