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new front page

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Brandon sent me that bit of Ridgeway that’s on the front page, it’s awesome, to see more of this stuff go here .

There’s a contest in Fairbanks on Saturday, which means I actually get to ride… all you Anchorage kids should head up there, it’ll be a good time.

I’m finally getting a new camera here in a minute, as soon as the taxes come back, no more awesome one chip footage around here.

Tyzee is coming up in August to do a bit of filming and travelling around, that’s really the only news.

Check back after the weekend for a bit from the comp; in the meantime go check out the new etnies trailer



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with only two hours
possibility of flight
lets not get hopes up

Okay so pretty much i missed my flight this morning and have been sitting in the portland airport since about 10:15 and it is now 7:09. below is a picture of what i have been wondering the check in and baggage claim areas of the airport with….. so people pretty much love me, especially in the elevators

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p.s. camera phones rule

This is what an alaskan skatepark looks like right now.

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Just for reference, that quarter on the right is an eight foot quarterpipe. It’s dumping snow right now…. I love spring.



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since i am now officially part of the no bikes family i guess ill tell a little about myself.

i am twenty one
alaska is my home
is it summer yet

but yeah here are a couple self portraits i did last year

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this is probably the only week i’ll ever update this much

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I asked Andrew a few questions about his trip to New Zealand:

where did you go when you were over there? what was your favourite place and why?

i flew into auckland on the norh island and just stayed on the north island the whole time. it was awesome i really liked it alot. i never really went any farther north then auckland but i went all the way down to wellington for x air which was a pretty cool drive. got to see some cool scenery and ride some really fun parks. my favourite park i rode when i was there was probably raglan. its super awesome kinda clover shaped bowl right on the beach. i had so much fun riding there and the town itself was really nice too, its just a small little surfing town.

how did x-air compare to a contest over here?

x-air didnt really feel that much different than a metro jam. qualifying was a bit different though, you got 2 one minute runs. it was just kinda weird for me cause that was the first non jam format contest i rode in. but the finals are run in a 3 person jam. so that felt no different especially since they even had grotbags announcing too.

did you meet mike spinner? if so is he as awesome as he is on the internet?

hahahah i never really actually talked to him or read much of the stuff he has said on the internet, so i dont really want to say too much about this…. but if the stuff that i over heard coming out of his mouth is any indication, then the answer would have to be yes.

I’ve begun collecting contest prizes for the year. This is a new screen that I drew with a sharpie; it’s a haiku. I’ve chosen the two greatest clothing articles to put the graphic on and though I think these may end up being one offs (because tie dyes and tank tops are a little too rad for the average person), e-mail me if you want something with that graphic.

Here’s a couple other things that may be headed to Campbell River for a gap to flat comp:

Lastly, a bike check with my bike that traces the origin of all of its prehistoric parts:

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I only keep two old Ride magazines and they’re the first two I ever bought. Today I was going back through one of them and I thought there were a few things that were interesting enough to scan and put up on the site. Back in ’95 the X-Games were in their first year and they were still called the Extreme Games (I’m pretty sure this was the year that some guy bungee jumped in a canoe). Jay Miron wrote an East coast roadtrip article that spanned most of the issue, Robbie Morales was a slim looking AA pro racer and Taj wore a full face helmet. Here are a few more highlights:

Ian Morris and one of the craziest rails of all time. Just click the photo and keep in mind what would happen if he missed that or hung up on an upright.
This was from the Extreme Games article, it’s Jay’s pretty hilarious explanation of the other events that happenned that year.

This Fuzzy Hall Mongoose ad is probably the best thing they ever did. Leathers… shades…. open faced race helmet… nice.

This isn’t really that funny or cool, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first mention of Little Devil in bmx popular culture (notice that Derek Adams is still selling shirts out of his house at this point). I’m not really a huge Little Devil fan but you can’t deny that they’ve had a pretty big influence on the industry. Also notice Dave Osato riding for basic on the left there back when the Small Town Hick was the frame to have around BC

I’ll post more later in the week when I go through my other issue.


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I’ve recovered from my bout with negativity for a bit of an upswing. Last post I complained about that Brandon Hoerres interview in Ride UK (the point still stands, bmx media need to be less lazy…), but it’s a pretty interesting interview that reinforces some things that I’m sure some people have been thinking for a long time. In the interview he talks about how he hates it when people want to be friends with him, or tell them about all the sweet new tricks they learned just because he’s a good rider; there’s some more stuff about how he’s sick of people telling him how good he is, and then he talks about philosophy. It really made me think about the interview itself and how the only reason I was reading Brandon Hoerres’ opinions in a magazine was because he’s a ridiculously talented bike rider. I’m not trying to call him out as a hypocrite or anything because having an interview in arguably the best bmx magazine out there is really cool, and he should want that, but why should I want to read his opinions any more than anyone elses? Being a good bike rider doesn’t make you any more insightful than the average person, some of them are dumb as rocks. We have this tendency to put people on pedistals and think that they must be really cool just because they can flip a bike around. I’ve met a couple bmx legends in my lifetime and they were pretty normal, except for Dom Mach, he could definitely levitate and shoot fire out of his eyes.

Again, there is a comp in Fairbanks on March 31st, and it will be awesome.

And to get back to the actual subject of this website, I’ll be re-doing the team page this week to something much more scaled down and putting together a new t-shirt design. I think that Sexsmith may have something in the works too, but I’m not sure because he doesn’t have a computer. Zac Heinen is a friend of mine from Anchorage who will be helping out with some random stuff, I’m really hoping photos and things because he’s a pretty good photographer, but you may notice his name as a contributor on the left, so if he ever posts on here, that’s who Zac is. While I’m on that, Zac is down in Portland right now hanging out and riding a bit with Shawn, who is an old friend of ours from back in the day… now I’m just rambling.