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Posted in Uncategorized on March 17, 2007 by Aaron

I’ve recovered from my bout with negativity for a bit of an upswing. Last post I complained about that Brandon Hoerres interview in Ride UK (the point still stands, bmx media need to be less lazy…), but it’s a pretty interesting interview that reinforces some things that I’m sure some people have been thinking for a long time. In the interview he talks about how he hates it when people want to be friends with him, or tell them about all the sweet new tricks they learned just because he’s a good rider; there’s some more stuff about how he’s sick of people telling him how good he is, and then he talks about philosophy. It really made me think about the interview itself and how the only reason I was reading Brandon Hoerres’ opinions in a magazine was because he’s a ridiculously talented bike rider. I’m not trying to call him out as a hypocrite or anything because having an interview in arguably the best bmx magazine out there is really cool, and he should want that, but why should I want to read his opinions any more than anyone elses? Being a good bike rider doesn’t make you any more insightful than the average person, some of them are dumb as rocks. We have this tendency to put people on pedistals and think that they must be really cool just because they can flip a bike around. I’ve met a couple bmx legends in my lifetime and they were pretty normal, except for Dom Mach, he could definitely levitate and shoot fire out of his eyes.

Again, there is a comp in Fairbanks on March 31st, and it will be awesome.

And to get back to the actual subject of this website, I’ll be re-doing the team page this week to something much more scaled down and putting together a new t-shirt design. I think that Sexsmith may have something in the works too, but I’m not sure because he doesn’t have a computer. Zac Heinen is a friend of mine from Anchorage who will be helping out with some random stuff, I’m really hoping photos and things because he’s a pretty good photographer, but you may notice his name as a contributor on the left, so if he ever posts on here, that’s who Zac is. While I’m on that, Zac is down in Portland right now hanging out and riding a bit with Shawn, who is an old friend of ours from back in the day… now I’m just rambling.