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Video finally.

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Photos + more new shirts + video soon

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Here’s a couple photos of the over/under line and one of a shirt I made today. I’ve been putting together a video of all the scrap clips I have, it should be up tonight. I have tons of scrap clips because I’m still learning to use the dvx, but don’t be misled by the quality of this stuff, the good shots I have look nice.


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It finally rained and the trails are looking awesome. We had probably the best session of the year Monday with Colin and Jesse from the valley; David Clay was in full effect, doing the biggest stuff with the smallest bars. The over/under line is finally working, the berm is packed and it’s jumpable (I know, because I did yesterday). It’s supposed to rain again Sunday, lets get a session going.

I’ll post some photos tonight when I get home.

Doin Work

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few shots from the sesh metioned a post or two back

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zac heinen

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partial crew. chillin

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a. gates doin work

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Cop shirts

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Here’s the beginning of this run of cop shirts. Most of these will have a front print and not a side one, but the front prints I did are distressed and drying right now…

Awesome street session last night, David Clay doing ridiculous tricks, Marlo threed a nice gap, all those dudes are awesome. Somebody wrecked the trails, there’s nothing worse than showing up at your jumps to find that someone’s dug holes in the lips and landings. Pretty sure it was mountain bikers from the way it went down; needless to say we’re looking for a new spot.

The best message board post of all time

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Here’s an except from an awesome thread on bmxboard in which Charlie Crumlish interprets a myspace post by Blackman….

Originally said by Blackman:
YO what the fuck b u haten to so u took me off ya top Nobody die at the banks i was about to fuck up boojew and he was like chill black because i was getTIN him back for breakin my nose but he dip and everbody else dip and then when nigga left THESE LITTLE NIGGAZ START FIGHTING THE SHIT WAS CRAZY it was me and mel rideing and some other kids from the bronx and next thing i know i see a coulpe of kids around like 13 14 fighting and shit and the police came started asking question so i dip because to the police the blackman did it and to everbody else i did it and i didnt even do nothing i was just rideing and shitin on niggaz see niggaz is scared BUT IF U DONT BELIVE ME FUCK U AND EVERBODY ELSE TO BECAUSE I RUN NEWYORK ASK RICKROSS ASK JEZZY AND ASK 50 CENT WHO BLACKMAN IS WACTH THE SCENE IS CHANGEING YA SEE SOON

Interpreted by Charlie Crumlish:
I’m largely disappointed at the prejudice and unfair portion of blame I’ve been receiving as of late. Nobody lost their life at the Banks, my collegue BooJew and I had a minor disagreement. Unfortunately, he left before I was able to express my unhappiness with the nasal fracture he had administered upon me some time ago. The rest of my companions had, at this point, deemed this a proper time to retire, when a number of young rascals began what I can only refer to as horseplay, in a rather violent manner. My friend Mel and I had just ridden our cycles into the Bronx for a light dinner, when the authorities appeared, and began to ask questions that did not strike me as favorable, in relation with my near to semi-distant future. The police, you see, were under the impression that I had violated some sort of law, and I considered it in my best interest to return to my home and think the evening through with a steaming cup of my good friend Earl Grey. My mentors Richard Ross and 50 Centennial can collaborate my story.


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= rust, which isnt a good thing. i need to start caring more. closing at lowes is lame. i need to ride. this is a pretty random post. ummmmmm. have a photo

OLD and shot on film
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bryan gooch (first person to get that rail done on a bike)

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