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nothing going on.

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Here’s a clip of Brian amidst filming for the trails section of the new vid. Where is everyone?



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two photos of desson

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I stole these off of bikeguide. Brett Gundlock took them, he is the best photographer of all time.

new bike + grounded + left/right

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This is my new bike, it’s for sure my favourite bike of all time. The frame is a T1 Garrett Byrnes and most of the parts are still ones people gave me. We’re having these awesome weather patterns this week where it rains in the morning and dries up a bit for the afternoon; that makes for some perfect trails days.

I got my copy of grounded about a week ago and watched it a whole bunch, here are a few thoughts. Adam Baker’s part is amazing, most of it isn’t super crazy but you can tell they put a ton of effort into the look and feel of it, and it’s a pleasure to watch. Aaron Ross and Danny Hickerson both really impressed me in this one; less sketchy, jerky, forced tricks and more even crazier but kind of smooth now tricks… I’m all for it. Sandy Carson’s part was classic bmx, no crazy circus stuff, no weird skate influences, just a totally rad part. I want to get to the part where I talk about how crazy Ruben’s part was, but first I’ll talk about the letdowns. Morgan Wade and Josh Stricker. Sure Stricker does some fast bunnyhopping, but some of the bigger stuff in his part had already been one-upped, he shot himself in the foot with that part in Please Kill Me, because that just had bigger and better stuff in it. Morgan’s part was allright I guess, but they need to keep in mind that he’s a killer ramp rider, and that’s where he’s going to blow minds. Most of his street stuff was good, but seemed a notch below the rest of the video. I feel the same way about that part as I do about Aitken’s Fitlife part, although I’m sure you could do worse things. Ruben basically re-invented physics, that’s really all there is to say. His Forward part had too many wallrides, yet this part probably had more, and I didn’t think that once…
Brett Walker has the best moustache in BMX.

I’m inevitably going to want to compare this to the Etnies video, but they’re kind of different. I figured the production value would be better in Grounded, but Navaz had a few tricks up his sleeves. The intro section to this video is amazingly put together and the motion graphics are extremely well done. The names in this video are much smaller, but it’s all street and there is a ton of creative stuff going on. Unlike Grounded, there are no real weak sections in Left/Right, it’s short and to the point. I think I was most impressed with Joe McIntire, mostly because I’d never seen him ride before, partly because he rides to Neil Diamond (and that is awesome!).

New site.

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I’ve switched everything over to wordpress, since blogger is prehistoric.

more bits

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Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads this thing… oh well, it’s nice to get thoughts on paper (theoretical paper I guess). Shawn and Rich built a shop rail at Goods, which is viewable here . It’s strange, but a lot of the guys I grew up riding with ended up with interesting bmx connections and not really because we’re all super amazing on a bike; I’m not complaining though, it gives me something to write about while incredibly bored at work. Brian, Zac and I got out for a session on Friday at the Kincaid wall and the trails; Kincaid is such an awesome spot with so many possibilities, it’s just something different that you don’t find every day and there are a ton of picnic tables to set up if you get bored. The trails are also awesome and I’m really excited to ride dirt again; Brian and I have built a lot of stuff for the time we’ve been up there and all the lines are finally working like they should. No promises but we’ve been filming a bunch of trails stuff hopefully for a section in the new video if it ever comes out.

quick note

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There is a ridiculous photo of Sexsmith about three posts down on the Macneil site taken by vert legend Rob Sigaty.