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Man, it was nice to be back there. There’s something about going home and everyone’s excited to see you. I feel like the last week was packed one hundred percent with good times, a few things have changed, but the things I love about people remain the same. It seems like BK is as tight as ever, especially with Penticton park, the beach and after session meals. Desson is still a filming maching, I think we must have shot a minute or two of good footage in four days of riding. Ridgeway has that quiet way about him, and before you know it he’s throwing down some major line; he kept talking about how Andrew is going to the olympics. I met a couple new people this go around too, namely Ryan Hiebert (who’s had photos on here before) and T1’s cousin c-mo. For all the crazy tricks that went down, the funnest thing was just doing trains in the bowl… Penticton’s bowl is amazing, and about the same size as the entire new Anchorage park. So here’s to good friends, and riding sessions into the night…
The new Weakerthans album has been leaked onto the net if anyone’s interested. I don’t usually post about music, but they’re my favourite band of all time, for many sentimental reasons and thus far the album is sounding awesome. I’m pretty sure right now I’m listening to a song about curling, that is probably some kind of metaphor. There is a song called “Elegy for Gump Worsley”…. dang. I’m not sure if I’m ready for such an intense dose of Canadiana this soon after vacation, but that is by far the best idea for a song ever. John K. Sampson knows how to write a lyric. Listen carefully, it’s all very insightful metaphor. The aphormentioned lyrics do something that only great songs do- document a particular time and place in society. You could listen to their albums in fifty years and capture a piece of what Canada was in this era. That’s my sell for now….
I still have to put together a scrap edit, maybe this weekend if I can get away from the math.

Wild Week.

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I had a bit of a crazy week that included a near volcano eruption and almost getting stuck on the Aleutian Chain in, as it was called once, Sandpointcatraz. I have enough time to just get a few photos from Matt up before I leave for Kelowna, the top one is of him and the bottom one of his buddy Ed. While down there I’ll be grabbing some footage with the team guys and sleepin in late.

yes, i am alive

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well my bike is up and running again. rode the new park, its pretty sweet, other than the fact that it is something new in anchorage so it is PACKED………….call me lets ride.

quick note

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The new skatepark is open and it’s pretty cool. I can’t update at work anymore, so they’ve been less frequent… I’ve got some photos that Mat Lindsay sent me from Taiwan and another edit of scrap footage on the way. Hopefully that will be up soon. I apologize for the boringness of this post.


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So this week I got to do one of my favourite things, which is go to Fairbanks. Above is a video grab of Andrew Fleagle from Monday night. I filmed like a million tricks with him in like five minutes, he’s really good. Othe rhighlights included hanging out with Kink Aaron and Ryan Harley, good bunch of dudes right there. Tuesday night Aaron had a pizza night in North Pole and there were 30 or 40 kids riding around; Tommy Vanvliet even showed up sans bike. Canadian Richard did a huge wallride over some bushes and Aaron did a rollback to 5050 to fakie on a big bank to sub. Before I forget, there are no bikes shirts at Savvy in Fairbanks, but only like four or five.