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An awesome photo of David

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2007 by Aaron

This was taken at a dirt demo in Delta Junction a while ago. I’m not sure who took it because I stole it off of Bikeguide; thanks Rigo for posting it. Kink Aaron, Casey and Anou were down on Saturday and it was awesome, man those guys are rad…
Anou beat the crap out himself a bunch of times, Casey went really high and Aaron did some sweet backwards moves. I know that Anou took some good photos so I’ll try to get some up here. We probably had the biggest session that’s happenned in Anchorage in a while; TJ even came out of retirement. David tried some flairs and broke his chain, Josh did some good flips and the Eagle river kids showed up; Colton 540d over a nice gap in between a constant stream of dialogue. There’s snow on the mountains which means we don’t have much time left…


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