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PSYCHED that boston won the series…..

but yea i have 4 of the next 7 days off, hopefully i dont sleep it all away.


Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2007 by Aaron

I’ve been pretty bad at updating this thing lately, but I’m busy. I hate being busy.
Thought I’d post this awesome photo of Kink Aaron that Anou shot when they were down. I was planning on putting together a nice article with all the photos he sent, but the way things are going they may just end up in the dvd slideshow. Speaking of, I know some of you have great photos lying around, send them to me and I’ll put them in there. Here’s a good chance to talk about the video too; everything’s looking great this far, I’ve got around 20 minutes of footage and people have started sending the rest of the footage in. Zac made a preview that will show at the Connected premiere on November 10th, and sometime towards the end of November I’ll hopefully post an internet trailer.


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i have been working over nights if anyone is wondering if i am alive or not.

Jaumell Campbell Macneil vid

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this was good.

Fairbanks dudes

Posted in Uncategorized on October 14, 2007 by Aaron

Anou sent me a bunch of photos from their trip down here a while ago. It was really fun having those guys down here, I have to go through and find the best ones still, but here’s a photo of me aboult to crash a walltap.

Riding is happenning in spurts these days, which is cool and every session feels like the last good day of the year it seems like. I know it’s already snowed in Fairbanks and there was definitely snow falling at my house today. Steve K sent me a tape from Northern BC for the video, I’m pretty excited about that, he’s awesome. Other than all that, we’re slowly chipping away at the video and it’s looking really nice (especially for a no bikes video, you can definitely tell we bought nice cameras).

Video update

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so me and aaron decided that we will both do our own edits for this project using the same footage. we also decided on a name…..FOUR CORNERS. and i finished the teaser for the connected premier.

one more quick note

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Turnagain Hardcore 7 is premiering tonight at Wendy Williamson Auditorium on campus. David has a section in the video and I put together a trailer for our video that will be in before the late show at 9:00; it’s pretty nice and I put tons of backflips in it to cater to the mx/snowmachining crowd. Seriously though if you’re in Anchorage you shoulld come out and see this, Dane and those guys are really crazy and anyone that can flip a snowmachine gets my respect.