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five classic sections

Posted in Uncategorized on November 3, 2007 by Aaron

Since we’re in full video mode around here I thought I’d take some time out to post some of my favourite sections from through the years. I’ve got another edit of scrap footage to post, that should be up sometime this weekend.

Van Homan Criminal Mischief
Not much to say about this. If you’ve been riding for a while I bet you remember the first time you ever saw this section.

Joe Cox Voices
I think it’s amazing that nobody had ever heard of anyone in this video before it came out and now they’re all in the limelight. Voices was just a little local video and they only pressed 500 copies, but it was so well done that it’s influence still remains. It always bugged me that Joe Cox’s section wasn’t last. it’s totally the best part and Marv’s section isn’t all that entertaining; nobody would have faulted him for putting his section last….

Lou Rajsich ./Blueprint
I found a bunch of copies of this at a bike shop recently and was delighted. Here was a guy that was doing something subtly different, made his mark and then totally disappeared. Apparently he just got bored with bmx… he does an opposite 180 backwards rail in a time when there was only a handful of guys who could do it regular.

Kris Bennet Demolition
Some of the best trail lines ever.

Steven Hamilton Can I Eat?
This was the section that made Steven Hamilton a household name. I was ove rin New Zealand when this came out and I asked a friend what would be a good purchase since I hadn’t seen any bmx media in a while, his reply was “get the animal video, Steven Hamiltons section will make you dance”