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Posted in Uncategorized on November 12, 2007 by Aaron

It finally snowed in Anchorage. Last year at this point I put my bike in the shed and only saw it twice for the next six months; I think this year will be much different. Everyone seems to have a plan for keeping it up at least a little bit through the winter, from Brian’s ramp to torching the trails (how awesome would that be?!) and although we bike riders are notoriously bad at following through with plans, winter plans seem to have always worked out around here. There is going to be a contest at Joel’s place sometime during the break, I’ll post more when we get some details from Tupper and the crew up there. I may be in Florida while that happens but some of you should definitely go; I had two of my favourite weekends up there at Fairbanks comps last year, they are always a blast. Still chipping away at the video… if you’re reading this, and you were supposed to send me footage, and you haven’t yet, do it soon.