the agony of defeat.

Working on videos can be really frustrating sometimes. This weekend Travis and I tried to transfer 800 mb of footage from Vancouver to Anchorage; my computer crashed once, his crashed once as well, and then after 10 hours of downloading msn messenger did something weird and killed the transfer. Couple this with the numerous problems we’ve had converting mac files to windows, and the hd codec on ty’s camera that I have to convert using a Vegas trial, and you’ve got one complicated video process. If you are sending me footage, forgive me if I seem frustrated sometimes; it’s not you, it’s the process…

That was just a bit of venting I had to get out. Despite that bit of frustration, editing this thing has been a lot of fun so far. Right now I’m working on the slideshow and going through all the photos brings up a lot of good memories from the past couple years.

It’s snowing right now, which I thought would be the worst thing ever, but it’s actually a nice change; we’ll still ride, just at a bit slower pace. I love filming, but it was a rare occasion when I could put down the camera and just ride. I’ll be doing a lot more of that this winter.

Brian is picking up a vx2100 soon, which is exciting. He seems to be pretty good with a camera and it means there will be a lot more footage of him, along with Wayne, Marlo and Terrence floating around. Those kids are awesome.

There is a comp in Fairbanks next weekend apparently, and there will be another one on Christmas break.


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