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I’m down in Florida right now. So far the trip has been awesome, I’ve ridden a couple times but mostly we’re just hanging out. Yesterday we went down a river on some jet skis to an area that was full of manatees, which are the large marine mammals that write family guy. Christmas day I had a deep fried sandwich.The other day Shawn did some renovations at the Lotek warehouse; I have the photos, they’re awesome and I’ll have them up when I get back.Word on the street is that Johnny Devlin is hosting a Pallet jam in Orlando in a couple days, if I make it there I’ll try to snap some photos. 



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Matt Desson interviewed me for the Red Blog, check it out here.


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Four Corners Trailer from no bikes on Vimeo.


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David put a cool photo from the summer up on his myspace so I thought I’d post the link. He also tried to fliar the bank at the dowling roundabout the other day; it was nuts.

quick news

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I’ve been studying and writing papers all day, so this is a nice break. For starters, there’s a really good Jason Enns video up on the demolition site. I don’t usually like posting links unless it’s someone we know, but this is really good and technically I guess I was at a contest in like ’99 and Enns was there; I’m not sure if that just got too weird/analytical.

Thinking back, that was a pretty cool contest. ’99 was the first and last Nelson contest I ever went to, Travis, Jay Fletcher, Andrew and Jordan were all there but we didn’t know each other; there was a big blizzard on the way there and I had just gotten my learner’s permit. I’d never really driven before, but for somereason my dad made me drive; I drove ridiculously slow and the normally four hour drive took about six. At that point I was riding an aluminum race bike (25 pounds, with slam bars) and had never really touched a quarterpipe before. I remember being really pumped that I could clear the box jump and do x-ups; I was sixteen… sixteen year olds these days can do 360 triple tailwhips, man things have changed a lot. Nelson is a skatepark that Rob Sigaty (an old vert rider, for the young kids)  and some other guys built in the mid 90s and being the closest indoor to kelowna it’s produced lots of great stories over the years. During the “slow years” of bmx they would throw contests there and at least 100 people would come every time, sometimes from as far away as Oregon. Once I went with a couple of dirtbags who hooked up with actual hippies on actual acid. I rode the park all night instead and that was the first time I really met Andrew and Jordan. Those two grew up at that park and even though they were like twelve years old, they were both pretty much better than me. In the last few years the city purchased the old crack pipe from Vancouver, so now the park has a wood bowl. I don’t know if anyone rides there anymore as people tend to get the hell out of Nelson when they graduate but it will always be a little piece of Canadian bmx history.

There was no point to that, I apologize if you thought there was going to be one.

fairbanks trip

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Some highlights included:

Ryan Harley did a decade on my bike, hang fived around half the park and did a really nice downside whip.

Fit Aaron (he hates this nickname, but will have to deal with it until his Doyle frame gets here).  

Tupper tried in vain to find a safe way to suspend a baby from the ceiling.

Andrew Fleagle did a line of five or six tricks that all involved crankflips.

And we rode until 5:30 am.

Good times.