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an entertaining read

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2008 by Aaron

Russ Bengtson, of BMXBoard fame, has started a really funny blog here:

Russ is like an OG dude, and used to be the editor of SLAM, which is some kind of basketball magazine. He writes well, which is more than I can say for most bmx blogs, and once offerred to mail me a rat or a pigeon. SPRFLS mostly pokes fun at modern trends in bmx, from everyone putting out the same stuff, to companies trying to reinvent bad trends from the 80’s; there is a regular flow of bmx celebrity in the comments if you pay attention.


It’s about time

Posted in Uncategorized on April 28, 2008 by Aaron

John Thompson from Vancouver made a pretty rad video called It’s About Time. It’s been posted online here:

in its entirety. I’d recommend checking it out, Sexsmith and Jordan both have a bunch of stuff in there and there’s some footage of this:

Photo “borrowed” from Fat BMX

Wayne Anasogak

Posted in Uncategorized on April 26, 2008 by Aaron

Zac had a couple cool photos of wayne, so I did this interview with him. Wayne’s one of my favorite riders to watch up here, everything he does looks really natural and deliberate. Wayne has a ramp in his backyard that’s been pretty heavily sessioned this year, every time we ride it he seems to go a little bit higher. Brian’s working on a little web edit with a couple clips of Wayne and some other guys, so look for that in the next little bit. Click the image to make it big.

Awesome trails vid.

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From PA Woods. Not sure if they have a website…

daddy vision

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, this was rad. There’s a whole series of these things, and most of them are rad but this one is the funniest yet. Justin Stepanoff loves it…

i am about to become

Posted in Uncategorized on April 9, 2008 by Aaron

A terrible bmx blogger for the next few weeks. Finals are over at the beginning of May, and right now I’m knee deep in school work. Sally has volunteered to write a couple posts, even though she is a woman I think they will probably be pretty funny. She has a ton of bmx opinions, like freecoasters ruin your bike riding and “barspins are the new tailwhip”. She has also told me who the hottest and ugliest pros are, but probably won’t tell you.

ryan, andrew and kink aaron

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