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I found a few old posts of Zac’s that got buried… thought I’d post them up as there are some trailers and stuff in there.


More teasing

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here are a couple teasers i put together, the first is a tweaked version of the one that showed at connected. the second is one i made for the people at alyeska.

my version of the video is coming along nicely. I have the following parts done; Intro, wrecks, bryan gooch, david clay, aaron gates, zac heinen, brian prince, wayne and marlo. so that leaves ryan, the alaska mix, and then i need to talk to get all the canada footage from a gates. anyways thats it…….BYE BYE

blog crazy friday

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I’m just capturing video at work, so this is like my third post in an hour…

I was digging around trying to find Zac’s Four Corners edit, which I think is here:

While searching, I found out that we were also on vital:,4275,3961

I love the internet.


orchid step on it

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Red BMX had the BC section from Step On It posted up today, you can see it here:

They went to Kelowna on this leg of the trip; Burroughs and Ridgeway were tour guides and Robin Fenlon was the second person to do the courthouse rail.


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We had a pretty fun street session yesterday. One of these days I’m going to remember to bring my point and shoot so I can post photos. We rode a new hip over off international, Marlo and Wayne killed it, Darrell did a barspin and Kyle (I think… I can never tell the Nome kids apart)¬†tried this ridiculous gap to wallride. Justin did a super extended cancan, which is starting to become his signature trick (other than the front flip x-factor). The bank to white rail is a bust now because a skateboarder sued the owner of the property after getting hurt there. I can’t think of a dumber thing than suing a landowner when you get hurt doing something stupid.

We also rode this crazy building and Squad got worked trying a pretty wild wallride. It’s never surprising when Josh takes it hard like that, but every time he does he just bounces right back up…. kid’s a trooper.

Web video soon? Someone else should post on here, e-mail me if you don’t have an account on the site but are interested in posting stuff (aaroncgates at hotmail dot com).