We had a pretty fun street session yesterday. One of these days I’m going to remember to bring my point and shoot so I can post photos. We rode a new hip over off international, Marlo and Wayne killed it, Darrell did a barspin and Kyle (I think… I can never tell the Nome kids apart) tried this ridiculous gap to wallride. Justin did a super extended cancan, which is starting to become his signature trick (other than the front flip x-factor). The bank to white rail is a bust now because a skateboarder sued the owner of the property after getting hurt there. I can’t think of a dumber thing than suing a landowner when you get hurt doing something stupid.

We also rode this crazy building and Squad got worked trying a pretty wild wallride. It’s never surprising when Josh takes it hard like that, but every time he does he just bounces right back up…. kid’s a trooper.

Web video soon? Someone else should post on here, e-mail me if you don’t have an account on the site but are interested in posting stuff (aaroncgates at hotmail dot com).


One Response to “yesterday”

  1. the best part is i had my point and shoot the whole time, chillin in my truck

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