tomorrow we work

Every once in a while someone will drop a video that’s completely unexpected and awesome; in 2005, Joe Cox’s Voices was that video. Since Voices, most riders involved have been on a bit of a wild ride, many picking up sponsorship deals and gaining notoriety around the globe. We all knew Tomorrow We Work was coming from the amazing 15 minute google video trailer that dropped about a year ago (I can’t imbed things from work, look it up if you haven’t seen it), but I don’t think anyone could have predicted it would be this good. In this release, Joe Cox proves to be a master of continuity and style. Sections are quick and blended, filled with only notable tricks and lines (all the filler is left for the bonus sections, if there even is any). TWW has a very cinematic feel to it, there are sections where it’s obvious that he worked with the colors a bit to create a dreary English atmosphere; the effect isn’t overdone though, some parts are “sunnier” than others. The coolest thing about European footage to me is the visual appeal of the spots- everything tends to look a lot more classic, which I personally prefer.

Past the video nerd stuff, the riding is top notch. Full sectyions come from Joe and Dan Cox, Marv and Josh Bedford. This time around, Marv has a song that you don’t have to be deaf to listen to; he has a long, solid part, I’m glad they didn’t put him last this time though, Bedford was a much better choice. Dan Cox opens the video up with some good freecoaster stuff. It’s crazy to think that he’s learned all of his freecoaster tricks since voices came out- he really pushes the size of half cabs and full cabs, ending with a half cab down the MACBA 4 in Spain. Joe’s part is a great follow up to Voices, with another Modest Mouse song even. There are lots of subtle tech tricks to watch for here- at one point he does an opposite wallride to 180 on flat ground. As I mentioned up top, Josh Bedford has the closer and it’s full of crazy stuff. Josh doesn’t do a lot of tricks, he does simple tricks really fast and big, with some kind of instrumental grindcore song in tow. He goes back and 180s that set over the rail that he couldn’t get in his voices intro, and then 3s it for good measure; that’s kind of just the tip of the iceberg.

TWW was 20 bucks very well spent. For your $20 you get a double disc set (the other disc being Voices, since they only pressed 500 copies and not a lot of people own it). The bonus section on TWW has basically an extra video on it, the main feature is all fresh footage and the bonus section is remixed edits using the trailer footage along with other stuff that didn’t make the main cut. I have no idea how these guys got so much stuff filmed, they must have the cameras rolling constantly… 


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