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What BMX Once was

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Hey All, This is Shawn from Summerland now living in Portland Oregon. Aaron hooked me up with a log in so I could write some of my thoughts on bike riding on here.

I figured I would start off with a post about what bike riding was like for me in the late 90’s.

I started riding a bike with Josh Dool, we rode mostly in Summerland, and would sometimes take a trip to the OG Penticton park, and street. There was a pretty significant day in my bmx life when we where driving to the Pen park and rolled past Travis on his K2. I had just bought a Norco RPM, and Josh had a Specialized TJ Laven Fat Boy. 3 main things happened over the next few weeks that stand out.

First: Travis showed us how to drop into the bowl and do fly outs. This was a super fun time, I remember Travis doing 540’s and I learned no footers. We all just rode as fast as we could in order to go as high as possible. I don’t think I would ever even think about going that fast into a bowl again, full speed carve in sounds like a busted face to me.

Following the fly outs, came breaking nearly every part on those bikes. I remember Travis had parts that had a warranty like Profile Hubs, and he also had a sponsorship through K2 and got free stuff. Josh had bought a new bike, and broke the frame 3 times in 6 weeks. Needless to say bikes have come along way. Or people just dont do enough fly outs anymore. I mostly had to live off of parts past down to me from Jay Fletcher and Travis.

The last main thing I remember about those days was Road Fools 5. This was the first legit bike video I had seen, Josh had some old props video that we used to watch, but could only watch one half since his mom had accidently recorded Opera on the second half. I borrowed Road Fools 5 from Travis and Recorded it. I watched that video multiple times every day for at least 2 years. The video wore out in many places and eventually stopped working all together. I later bought the DVD at Virgin Records in Vancouver. I guess they sold the rights or something and made some real money off it.

Anyways, Thats where I was at in the late 90’s came into the game late, but had some real fun.


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This was on the macneil site today. It’s an interview with Andy Chung who was an intern there a while ago… not really the point of interest although he does have some interesting things to say. What was awesome to me, there is totally a photo on there of Andy jumping a fence out of a bank we used to ride all the time back in the day. Shawn and I have been reminiscing about those days a bit lately and that bank brings back lots of good memories. There was a little store down the street from there, we used to ride that bank, stop for sodas and then ride the rest of the city. Penticton is awesome.

The other night we had a great Girdwood sesion (photos soon?). It was Marlo’s last day here before going out to the East coast for a while, I think we’ll all miss the entertainment and overall randomness that guy provides around here, have a good time out there man…..

Mean streets video tonight, I’ve seen the edit and it’s really good.

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