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possibly the best video that’s been on here

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And by “here” I mean the entire internet.

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a.gates asked so i did it

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spillway trip

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I don’t want to jump the gun on this, but I dare say we’ve been getting pretty close to daily blog updates these days. I’m hoping Zac will post some photos up soon, he shot a bunch of really nice ones. In an effort to further develop the documentary idea, we planned a rad trip into the woods complete with a visit to an old favourite and a journey up a mountain in the middle of the night. Some highlights included the usual level of stuntery from David Clay (including riding all the way to the top of a 30 foot spillway and dropping back in), Compton dipping some mean toboggans and being and Alaskan wilderness dude, Zac doing a trick third try, Wayne not dropping his bike in the lake and the boneless (which remains the funnest trick you can do anywhere). Brian, David and I hiked a mountain from 1-4 a.m. in half decent light and woke up in the clouds only to return and have a bear rummage through the food. Compton would not have any of it and accidentally beaned the little guy with a rock while trying to scare it away (“it’s not good for them to eat human food… and I really wanted that pop tart” he says).