taj mihelich, ugp face value

While reading SPRFLS today, I was reminded that this section is online. Taj may be a little more out of the spotlight these days, but watch this to see him absolutely dominate 1996.


4 Responses to “taj mihelich, ugp face value”

  1. I love all the Atlanta spots and the old Beaver trails (Douglasville Home Depot Representz!!!)

    I found some sick shit to film around Anchorage. A rock wallride and a weird tabletop rail jump at an elementary school. Word.

  2. where are these spots?

  3. where are these spots at

  4. Near Ptarmagin Elemetary School which is off of Debarr, east of Boniface. The wallride is in the subdivision behind the school (there is also a nice grass bank thingee) and the rail jump is at the school near the bike path.

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