review: two by four

As promised, here’s a quick review of the two by four video.

Music: Not bad. It’s mostly a mix of older sounding stuff. At first watch I thought it was a little indulgent of Wiz to put pretty much only stuff he was obviously into on there but I actually really like the soundtrack; it’s cool and a nice break from the usual indy rock/gangsta rap mix. The one big exception was the Beach Boys song in Garrett Byrnes section… this was so inexcusably terrible, like watching a Sarah Palin interview.

Filming/editing: Nothing bad, but nothing all that impressive either. It’s a lot like Fitlife in that everything is very straightforward. That’s cool I guess, the focus is on the riding and there’s nothing glaringly bad. Compare it to a video like Insight or Stoked on Being Pumped and it’s pretty flat though.

Riding: Of course it’s good. Van Homan may be getting older, but as time goes on he continually steps his game up. There’s noting better than seeing that guy pedal full speed at something and he even manages to one up his rail manual from Criminal Mischeif. Garrett Byrnes’ section is pretty cool, it’s been a long time coming at least. The thing about Garrett Byrnes is that even his simple stuff is amazing to watch, whether it’s a pocket air or a clicked 360 turndown at the trails. The next part is Cody Jennings, who is a complete mess; lots of good stuff there including riding on a rhinocerous statue and crankflipping on a teeter totter. Wiz has a full part; he does a lot of pole jams and looks like a tool the entire time. He does some cool tricks, but nothing looks good in red jeans and a vest. Also, the mullet joke was played out years ago, it still doesn’t make it ok to have one seriously. The last four parts are all guys from the “bad timing” videos, which I think is cool. Darryl Tocco’s part is a lot of what you’d expect… lots of 180 barspins and everything is clean and smooth similar to his Insight part. Geoff Slattery’s part has a bunch of stuff from his Dig interview, which is one of my pet peeves. Nobody does better 3 tables than this guy, and he does fufanus; both score major points in my book. Chase Dehart’s section is full of the original lines and powerful riding that all the kids are biting these days. It’s good, and there’s a reason he has such a massive following. Also, he has the scariest looking tailwhips and barspins. Randy Brown has the last part; it’s a tall order to end a video with a Van Homan section in it and I was left feeling a little let down. Not that his section wasn’t good, but Van’s last trick is the best rail trick I’ve ever seen… it’s hard to beat that.


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