nike video

The nike video is all over the internet (literally, they put parts in four different spots). Check out Garret Reynolds on ride, Mike Spinner on dig, Nigel Sylvestor on fat and Dennis Enarson on vital.

Garret Reynolds’ part will win the NORA cup. I say this confidently even though everyone has a year to top it. Unless someone else decides to fly him anywhere in the world for a year again and he puts out another part, there’s like a 1% chance anybody can pack that much WTF into five minutes or less.

Enarson’s part is pretty good. He does some cool stuff and his banger is something that could literally have ended him, not just his part. The fact that he did it with no pads or helmet really puts it on the border between cool and stupid. I wouldn’t normally think things like that, but see if you can watch that clip without thinking about the consequences.

Nigel’s part was ok, but being a street part it will ultimately live in the shadow of Garret’s part. His last trick is a pretty rad variation.

Mike Spinner’s part sucked. It was really bad. There’s contest footage in it (we all know he can do a quad whip…) and the street footage is just a bunch of average manual nibbling. For some reason the footage appears to have been sped up, which doesn’t look good at all.

I was actually really surprised at the aesthetics on this thing. Glenn Milligan has put out a lot of average videos in his day (the two exceptions being Drop the Hammer and Demolition, which were really good), this was on point to the best of my knowledge. The art direction was cool, the filming looked good, and the editing flowed nicely (with the exception of speeding up Spinner’s part).

I guess that turned into a video review. Anyways, check it out, it’s good and it’s free.


3 Responses to “nike video”

  1. yeah, GR is like wtf

  2. Seriously, did you really use “WTF” in this post?

  3. i love it

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