review- bmx is cute

Good name for a video, although I don’t know if my wife would agree. Tony Piff sent me this video a while ago in exchange for Four Corners, and I thoroughly enjoyed it… I’ve waited way too long to do this review. There are no rider sections in this video, and it’s really not a traditional video at all, but it is a lot of fun. There were two things about this video that I really overly liked, and both contribute heavily to the excellent vibe of it. Tony and Ben (and whoever else worked on this) did an excellent job of capturing some of the non-riding parts of riding. Little kids riding department store bikes, waxing stuff and drinking gatorade (I’m pretty sure bmxboard knows?) may seem like trivial things, but they help this video portray what a day of riding bikes is like. The second thing that separates this video from others is the music. In your typical rider section/clip after clip video the intensity of the music kind of drives the part; here the music is so subtle that the video is more content driven than caught up in the emotion of the latest MGMT/Go Team!/MIA song. That may be an abstract concept, but if you see the video you might agree with me. On top of the “differences” BMX is Cute offers, there is some pretty solid riding. Lots of big rails, some cool Portland spots most people would recognize and interesting tech stuff, especially from TJ Henderson and Andrew Longstreet.

BMX is Cute is available direct at It costs ten bucks, and I’ll warn you now, the video is relatively short (15 minutes running time plus some bonus stuff) and it’s not an onslaught of bangers (I don’t think it was ever meant to be that). Overall though, BMX is Cute is a pretty cool and I’m glad to own it. Nice to see someone out there doing something different.


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  1. thanks a mill. this site is blowin up.

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