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interview – brian histand and yo guy!

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After writing a review on yo guy! last week, I thought I’d follow up with Brian Histand and get some details from the man himself. Once or twice a year a video comes along that seems to blow everyone away from out of nowhere. Guys like Navaz, Ryan Fudger and Sean Burns have all been talking about how good this is (or how crazy Brian is), so it’s not just me. Check out the review below as well if you want to hear more ramblings from me about Yo Guy!

Boba, or Dan Bob and a relatively weird photo

What was the main thing you were trying to accomplish with Yo Guy!?

Hmmm, I guess the main thing I was trying to accomplish with the video was just to show people some rad and unique riding from all of my friends.

What motivated you to make a full length dvd instead of just sticking with web edits?

With web edits I guess the main idea is just to document a fun day of riding, to me a dvd takes a lot more time and effort. It is more rewarding in the end. I also knew in the back of my mind the level of riding that everyone was capable of so that motivated me to push everyone a bit as well.

Were there any big obstacles to getting the project done?

The biggest problem was probably getting clips of Dave in a short period of time. He just came off of knee surgery right when I was about to put the dvd out. He came through in a couple of weeks and his part came out awesome.

What equipment did you use to film and edit with?

Haha! Dave and I both have a 3 chip Panasonic GS-300 camera, the whole vid was shot in that, except for E-wips part which was filmed with a VX i think?

Explain a little bit about the guys in the video – who’s in it, what can people expect from their riding, and how do you guys all know each other?

All the dudes in the video I consider some of my best friends. Dave and I have been riding together for probably five years, Boba is another dude from my hometown who I love riding with, hes not afraid to throw the bars. I met Tim when I went away to school three years ago, and over that time we became good friends. He is really the only person who rides at school, so I’m always riding with him in between class. I ride with E-wip whenever I go to Hackettstown Skatepark in the winter time, but hopefully once it gets nicer out we will ride outside more often.

Brian and Dave
Whose section is your favourite?

Tim Coyne hands down, that dude is married with 2 kids and works full time and still shreds soo hard. He’s the best dude ever.

There were a couple big things in your part where you couldn’t quite hold on, are you planning to go back or are you pretty much done with those?

Haha, the plan is to definitley go back and get those things done, hopefully everything works out good!

Believe it or not, this was after he pulled something.

Do you guys have another video planned or was this just a one time deal?

I’m not really sure, I know Dave wants to make one, but I’m pretty happy with how this vid turned out. If we do make one I think it will be called “That Video” either way we will definitely be filming…


my favourite video parts of 2008

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1. Sean Burns – Dead Bang
Although I thought Dead Bang didn’t live up to the hype, this part alone was worth the 20 bucks to me. I think Jimmy Levan put it best in that EXPN interview when he said that the guy has to be dialed, otherwise he’d be dead by now. He’s always going mach 10, does the biggest stuff, and somehow makes it all look smooth. That, and the song fit perfectly; I’ve never seen a section personify someone’s riding more accurately.

2. Garrett Reynolds – Writing on the Wall
Trick for trick this is definitely the most progressive part to come out in a long time, it just didn’t have the personality that Sean Burns Dead Bang part had. He is definitely years ahead of the game though, basically six minutes of bangers.

3. Martinez/Williams/Roche – The Levi’s video
I had a hard time not giving this the top spot. Although the riding isn’t quite as good as Reynolds’ part and the fit isn’t quite as good as Burns’, it just has such a great vibe to it. Sure, most of us are Dakota Roched out by now, but adding the other two gave this part the depth it needed to be very memorable. Nathan Williams also does the best hang five of all time in this.

4. Tom Roberts/Mike Unwin/Alex Riley/Antony Moss – Tomorrow We Work
No only does this section share an excellent Caribou song with the Levi’s part, it totally out-vibes it. Sure, the riding isn’t as groundbreaking, but it captures something almost indefinable, a vibe you would only find among friends who ride together.

review- catty woods 2008

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I loved last year’s Catty Woods video, it’s probably in my top 5 of all time. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when this showed up.

Layout wise, they did everything they possibly could to make me hate this video. There are no real defineable sections, it’s just a mishmash of clips for like half an hour. I like a video to have some sort of order to it- either put it in sections, tell some kind of story or have some other kind of reason behind the sequences. Also, there is an inordinate amount of boring lifestyle footage at the end… not like bmx lifestyle, but like peple at the waterslides, blech. That stuff probably hits home if you were there but for a random dude like me it’s not really appealing. That said, I would probably pay ten bucks to stare at still pictures of these trails for half an hour, so it’s hard to dislike it.

The filming is pretty good for the most part; I appreciate that these guys have lots of experience filming trails and definitely know what they’re doing. Music is all over the place, from Sigur Ros to Dance Mix ’93… a nice mix of good and hilarious.

The highlight, of course, is the riding. Some of the best trail riders in the world riding some of the most unique and big trails around make this a pretty solid video despite my objections to the editing. I really, thoroughly, enjoyed watching this. Some guys you’ll see include Brian Foster, Robbo (the British one), Clint Reynolds, Nutter, Big Daddy etc. One of the coolest things was a chunk in the middle with no music, just the beautiful sound of dudes roasting trails. After reading Tony Piff’s blog about audio a while ago it definitely caught my attention.

The final verdict: Not as good as last year’s, but if you like trails it’s probably still a must have. If you don’t like trails, you might be pretty bored by this (but you should like trails, because they are awesome). Catty 2008 can be purchased through pawoods, I’m pretty sure the money goes towards their ongoing efforts to save Catty Woods.

review- yo guy!

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Thought I’d take a break from the best of lists to review this video.

Yo Guy! is a local video that was made by some guys on bmxboard and man is it good. The filming leaves a bit to be desired, there are some dirty lens shots, a bit of shaky filming and lots of underexposure, but it’s really hard to care about that stuff when the riding is as good as it is in this video. The music is mostly classic stuff, and it’s a good mix that seems to fit each rider’s style- Dio, Sting (or the police, I forget who did that song), and Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson are some of the artists they used.

The first section is Dan Bob, this dude is really dialed. His section begins with a roof barspin to death drop and doesn’t really let up. He does a lot of nose manuals and has really nice looking 180 barspins. There are a couple things in this section I’ve never seen before, one being a hard 180 barspin over a pretty legit skatepark rail.

Next up is some guy named “E-wip”. At this point I was starting to wonder if anyone had a real name, but that’s beside the point. I really enjoyed this section; he doesn’t really do anything new or different, but the guy has incredible flow. I take that back actually, he does do some cool pedal feeble variations that seemed kind of new. He also does some decent sized stairset tricks, but you never hear the guy land… really good stuff.

After that is a friends section… I don’t know, it’s a friends section, it’s similar riding to the rest of the video with a bunch of other dudes. There are some awesome trails clips in there and JJ Palmere has a few clips in this section.

Dave Krone appears to have some kind of knee injury. That is presumably why his section is so short, but it’s also really good. Not too much to say about it other than he seems to be good at really quick street lines.

Brian Histand has the next part, and it’s a belter. His part starts with a bunch of really cool tech stuff, my favourite line being a manual to 180 up a 3 stair to hop-nothing off the other side. The tech stuff gradually gives way to ridiculous man-sized tricks, and this is where he really starts to dominate. I have no idea what motivates a guy to throw himself off of stuff this big, but he manages to mostly not die. The only disappointing thing is there are a couple things he couldn’t quite hold on to, but it’s nice to see the wrecks anyways. At one point in the middle of his part, Brian does a 360 wallride down about a six stair; that trick rules! His ende ris something you just have to see, it’s ridiculous.

The last part goes to Tim Coyne. I was kind of wondering what could top the other sections, but this does in it’s own way. One thing I loved about his part is that there’s a big chunk of skatepark riding. Sometimes I get tired of watching all-street videos, it seems like it’s all people are releasing these days. Seeing Tim dominate this rickety old wood park is refreshing. This section demonstrates one of the things I absolutely love about local videos. It’s just a video put together by some friends on one-chip cameras and nobody’s ever heard of Tim Coyne, but this is some of the best freecoaster riding I’ve seen in a long time. When’s the last time you saw someone half cab over a six foot double coping spine? My favourite clip is actually a forwards riding clip; at one point he sets up two small wedges and jumps what must be about 30 feet. The guy is always pedaling, and smiling, and that’s a very good thing.

Here’s a couple trailers:

You can buy it for ten bucks shipped if you want, paypal, I don’t think they have anything more official going than that.

christmas link

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We just finished the long drive back from Kasilof, I thought I’d throw a link up. We had our Christmas a couple days ago, so I don’t feel like a jerk posting on the 25th. Anyways, my wife posted something really excellent on her blog. I don’t think I’ve ever linked there from here, but having just come back from the place in the photo, it seemed especially relevant. In the past year of riding I’ve tried to be deliberate about really enjoying my surroundings and what we have here in Alaska; There were lots of people there with me and we’re hoping to share that with you as we dig in for this year’s video. Of course, no video can really do the real thing justice, so I hope you’ve all enjoyed your year in bmx, wherever you live.

Merry Christmas (Or whatever other holiday applies to you).


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I would have to say ride your bike for the love of riding a bike. Always remember the reason you kept on riding even after a broken leg, torn acl, swollen, beaten and bruised and you picked up that bike the very next day wondering what and where you can go today. Remember this, its not about how light your bike is or how many tailwhips you can do or what company you ride for. Because no matter who you are, where your from it’s all about the smirk, the itchy hands and the bounce when you see the most perfect spot.

also read the full interview with shawn arata here:

best new things in bmx, 2008

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There were several things I was really stoked on this year.

1. Deluxe
Mark Noble was one of the guys behind Ride UK, and this venture into the trails only bmx genre brought joy to my heart all year long. From sponsoring local trailboss/diggers I’ve never heard of (apart from Mark Mullville), to the countless amazing trails videos they’ve had up, I haven’t been stoked on a company this much since Terrible One.

Russ Bengtson has long been known to bmxboarders as one of the saltiest dudes on a 20 inch. He took this opportunity to share his clever and mostly sarcastic wit with the wider bmx population by starting a blog that criticized particularly hilarious or useless ventures that various bmx companies made this year (well, that’s not entirely true, he did have one post where he talked about what he likes in bmx). He wrote, and wrote… every day for a couple months. Who knew the industry had that much to be criticized about. Lots of people loved it, some hated it (including John Paul Rogers, who created one not so flattering photoshop image). The blog has slowed down a bit (there’s a recession looming!), but it’s still one of the best bmx blogs on the net.

3. Externally adjustable coasters
I’ve always enjoyed riding other people’s bikes with coasters, but never got one because It would suck to have slack at the trails. Problem solved.

Once again, please put your own lists in the comments. There are like 50 people on here on a normal day, at least a few of you were pumped on a couple things????