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Lone Wolf

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I first really got to know Loren on the inferno jam trip I went on this past summer.  Since I had only met him once before we left on the trip I was a little weary about what to expect from him, but he came through with flying colours and quickly became one of my favourite people to go on trips with.  He is a genuine nice guy and shreds every time we ride, so without further ado, here is the Loren Lyftogt interview.  Welcome to the team.


First off.   Name, age, and where you’re from:

Loren Lyftogt, I’m 18, from Chilliwack, BC.

Chilliwack doesn’t exactly scream bmx hot spot in BC.  What is your guys’ scene like?

We have an indoor barn at my friends house we can ride whenever we want so every one comes out to ride in one spot when the weather isn’t the best and things usually get pretty rad.


What kind of tricks are you into and where do you like riding?

The tricks I do really depend what I am feeling at the moment.  Lately I have been doing lots of hang 5’s and turndowns.  

You came on a bunch of trips with me to the Okanagan these past few months.  What did you think of the scene out there?

I am really stoked on it and I can’t wait to go back once the weather is decent again.  The new Penticton park and Ben Lee in Kelowna are really good and every time I’ve been there its been a good sesh.

What are your interests outside of riding?

I play guitar and snowboard but I have really been slacking on both of those lately.  I’m planning to get my c ticket in welding and hoping to get into the University of the Fraser Valley next semester but ill have to see how that works out.


For the record, what is your fascination with wolves?

I dunno brah thats just the way it is. 

Last one.  What are your expectations for being on no bikes this year?

I’m hoping this year will have more trips, more good riding, and more rad stories to tell.


four corners reviewed

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Tony Piff put up a review of four corners on his blog. It seems like he has a similar excitement for out of the way places and gets why Alaska is so cool, it’s a good review and I like that he talks about more than just riding. Tony understands what riding is about.

One of the things I try to do with all my videos is be as inclusive as possible. Scene videos, to me, aren’t just putting together the best tricks from the best riders in town. Back in the day we always had local contests to bring people together; since video is the new medium that we “measure” people’s riding by, I think the scene video is often missed as a scene building tool. Videos give everyone something to work together on; I try to shoot with as many people as I can and get anyone involved in production who is interested in that kind of stuff. This year I got to plan three awesome trips to shoot for this video, and got to know more Alaskan bmxers, there’s really nothing else I could ask for from the process. So yeah, I was trying to film everyone in Alaska, glad you noticed….

We are very happy that Alaska is as unique as it is. There is plenty of stuff to ride up here, and even more to see and experience (where else can you ride trails after midnight). I wish more people would be curious enough to come up here. Rooftop and the Samurai guys had the right idea, but I don’t think they really found any of our spots. I would never want to come up here again if one quarter of the spots I rode was the Wasilla skatepark.

I made a trailer for the next video, but have to add some audio clips in with Steve before it’ll go online. Look for it in the next couple weeks. Ryan Hiebert has been working hard on the team video as well, so get pumped for that (if you haven’t been reading this blog for long, there will be a documentary about riding in Alaska and a team video featuring all of our friends from her, BC and anywhere else).