best new things in bmx, 2008

There were several things I was really stoked on this year.

1. Deluxe
Mark Noble was one of the guys behind Ride UK, and this venture into the trails only bmx genre brought joy to my heart all year long. From sponsoring local trailboss/diggers I’ve never heard of (apart from Mark Mullville), to the countless amazing trails videos they’ve had up, I haven’t been stoked on a company this much since Terrible One.

Russ Bengtson has long been known to bmxboarders as one of the saltiest dudes on a 20 inch. He took this opportunity to share his clever and mostly sarcastic wit with the wider bmx population by starting a blog that criticized particularly hilarious or useless ventures that various bmx companies made this year (well, that’s not entirely true, he did have one post where he talked about what he likes in bmx). He wrote, and wrote… every day for a couple months. Who knew the industry had that much to be criticized about. Lots of people loved it, some hated it (including John Paul Rogers, who created one not so flattering photoshop image). The blog has slowed down a bit (there’s a recession looming!), but it’s still one of the best bmx blogs on the net.

3. Externally adjustable coasters
I’ve always enjoyed riding other people’s bikes with coasters, but never got one because It would suck to have slack at the trails. Problem solved.

Once again, please put your own lists in the comments. There are like 50 people on here on a normal day, at least a few of you were pumped on a couple things????


3 Responses to “best new things in bmx, 2008”

  1. not getting hurt! for me at least. but i guess that comes at a price because i definitely didn’t ride as much.

  2. that is not really relevant to this post but it was good for me (considering my past).

  3. High seatposts, seatpost clamps, 36 tooth sprockets, non-integrated headsets, cats, and Canadians.

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