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my favourite video parts of 2008

Posted in Uncategorized on December 30, 2008 by Aaron

1. Sean Burns – Dead Bang
Although I thought Dead Bang didn’t live up to the hype, this part alone was worth the 20 bucks to me. I think Jimmy Levan put it best in that EXPN interview when he said that the guy has to be dialed, otherwise he’d be dead by now. He’s always going mach 10, does the biggest stuff, and somehow makes it all look smooth. That, and the song fit perfectly; I’ve never seen a section personify someone’s riding more accurately.

2. Garrett Reynolds – Writing on the Wall
Trick for trick this is definitely the most progressive part to come out in a long time, it just didn’t have the personality that Sean Burns Dead Bang part had. He is definitely years ahead of the game though, basically six minutes of bangers.

3. Martinez/Williams/Roche – The Levi’s video
I had a hard time not giving this the top spot. Although the riding isn’t quite as good as Reynolds’ part and the fit isn’t quite as good as Burns’, it just has such a great vibe to it. Sure, most of us are Dakota Roched out by now, but adding the other two gave this part the depth it needed to be very memorable. Nathan Williams also does the best hang five of all time in this.

4. Tom Roberts/Mike Unwin/Alex Riley/Antony Moss – Tomorrow We Work
No only does this section share an excellent Caribou song with the Levi’s part, it totally out-vibes it. Sure, the riding isn’t as groundbreaking, but it captures something almost indefinable, a vibe you would only find among friends who ride together.