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interview – brian histand and yo guy!

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After writing a review on yo guy! last week, I thought I’d follow up with Brian Histand and get some details from the man himself. Once or twice a year a video comes along that seems to blow everyone away from out of nowhere. Guys like Navaz, Ryan Fudger and Sean Burns have all been talking about how good this is (or how crazy Brian is), so it’s not just me. Check out the review below as well if you want to hear more ramblings from me about Yo Guy!

Boba, or Dan Bob and a relatively weird photo

What was the main thing you were trying to accomplish with Yo Guy!?

Hmmm, I guess the main thing I was trying to accomplish with the video was just to show people some rad and unique riding from all of my friends.

What motivated you to make a full length dvd instead of just sticking with web edits?

With web edits I guess the main idea is just to document a fun day of riding, to me a dvd takes a lot more time and effort. It is more rewarding in the end. I also knew in the back of my mind the level of riding that everyone was capable of so that motivated me to push everyone a bit as well.

Were there any big obstacles to getting the project done?

The biggest problem was probably getting clips of Dave in a short period of time. He just came off of knee surgery right when I was about to put the dvd out. He came through in a couple of weeks and his part came out awesome.

What equipment did you use to film and edit with?

Haha! Dave and I both have a 3 chip Panasonic GS-300 camera, the whole vid was shot in that, except for E-wips part which was filmed with a VX i think?

Explain a little bit about the guys in the video – who’s in it, what can people expect from their riding, and how do you guys all know each other?

All the dudes in the video I consider some of my best friends. Dave and I have been riding together for probably five years, Boba is another dude from my hometown who I love riding with, hes not afraid to throw the bars. I met Tim when I went away to school three years ago, and over that time we became good friends. He is really the only person who rides at school, so I’m always riding with him in between class. I ride with E-wip whenever I go to Hackettstown Skatepark in the winter time, but hopefully once it gets nicer out we will ride outside more often.

Brian and Dave
Whose section is your favourite?

Tim Coyne hands down, that dude is married with 2 kids and works full time and still shreds soo hard. He’s the best dude ever.

There were a couple big things in your part where you couldn’t quite hold on, are you planning to go back or are you pretty much done with those?

Haha, the plan is to definitley go back and get those things done, hopefully everything works out good!

Believe it or not, this was after he pulled something.

Do you guys have another video planned or was this just a one time deal?

I’m not really sure, I know Dave wants to make one, but I’m pretty happy with how this vid turned out. If we do make one I think it will be called “That Video” either way we will definitely be filming…