interview – charlie crumlish on that counts and futu

Charlie Crumlish is a household name on the bmx internet. Through a whole bunch of bmxfu web videos and a failed attempt by bmxboard to vote him onto road fools, Charlie and his friends in BMXFU have had a significant presence in the bmx world for some time now. Last year, Charlie made a video called That Counts that was quite outstanding. It was not only a testament to how good local videos could be, but evidence that new and creative riding styles often come from outside of mainstream media. Charlie and Brad Hill are just about finished with the second BMXFU video, entitled FUTU, and he was nice enough to answer a few questions about both of his projects.

That Counts got really good press in the magazines when it came out, was that a surprise to see it in there and what was your favourite thing anyone said about it?

It didn’t really come as a surprise to see it in there, because I asked Tunney if he would review it, but it was a surprise that the review was so positive.  I can’t remember any of the words in printed reviews but when we showed it to Jim C he said he felt high after watching it, that was pretty awesome.

Charlie’s part in That Counts

You used to be a big proponent of the web video, and now you guys are mostly focused on dvd stuff, what caused that switch?

I still make webvids but yeah my main focus this past two years has been That Counts and FUTU.  I would say That Counts caused the switch, I learned how rewarding a DVD is compared to a webvideo that people forget about the next day when it’s two pages back on The Come Up.  Plus you can’t pop in a web video and watch it with all your dudes, crowding around a computer screen is wack.

What can we expect from FUTU? Who is all in it? Who should we look out for?

You can expect a better video than That Counts, at least I believe so.  I upgraded my camera, Brad Hill helped film and edit this one and we filmed all year instead of summer and fall like our first DVD.  I know most kids would rather watch stuff on the internet so I’m doing my best to make the DVD worth $15, it’ll be a longer video with a ton of bonus and all the riders put in more work than the last one.  There’s a lot of people in it, but as far as sections go-

Andrew White
Bobby Hill
Shawn Swain
Greg McMillan
Chris Silva
Chris Orbell
Jake Montgomery
Greg Henry/Chris Henry split
John Murphy/Ben Freedman split
Sean Tiffin/Greg D’amico split
one hour with Drew Bezanson
The Come Up San Fran trip
Glen Hoerdt
Lee Dennis
Jordan Krupa
Josh Cameron
Steve-o Bureau

and a few other short interlude-type parts.  Lots of riders, lots of interesting riding.

The first trailer for FUTU
Can we look forward to seeing some new spots? Did you guys travel much during filming?

Definitely, we took trips to Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, Rochester and a few other cities.  Right now Ben Freedman and Nick Delmonte are in Texas getting some last minute stuff, and Greg D’amico and Andrew White are in Cali trying to film some stuff too.

What kind of equipment are you guys using? How much do you think equipment matters for this stuff?

Brad and I both use VX2000s, a few people contributed footage off of different cameras though.  I’m not super crazy into the camera side of things, I’m still filming video on tape instead of an HVX with P2 cards and all that but my camera gets the job done.  I try to film shit so that the person watching the video gets an idea of the trick in relation to the spot, and can see everything that is going on clearly.  I’d rather have people notice the riding than notice my innovative creative artistic filming.  Brad and I are documenting the riding that goes on here, not our new rollerblade filming techniques and jibs and stuff like that.  No disrespect to rollerblade filmers.

Based on that, who do you think is putting out rad stuff these days?

Kyle Stark, Navaz, Bob Scerbo, Darryl Tocco, Devin at Pegleg and Dave Jacobs have put out the best bike videos in the past year or so.

Are you still going to school for media stuff? Do you think it makes a difference or applies to anything bmx video related?

If anything, filming bmx for years before I went to college helped me more than the college has with bmx video projects.  I went into school knowing more about cameras and editing than most of my classmates just from messing around making riding videos.

The second trailer for FUTU


4 Responses to “interview – charlie crumlish on that counts and futu”

  1. Charlie Crumlish is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  2. on his way to becoming one of the best!

  3. Charlie Crumlish is hood.

  4. Myfavorite quote:

    “Plus you can’t pop in a web video and watch it with all your dudes, crowding around a computer screen is wack.”


    So true, crowding around a computer with your dudes is wack. It’s a kin to sleeping on the side of the road when you have enough money to get a hotel room for the night. As such, could BMX DVDs be a sign of maturity?

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