quick update

I have another couple interviews on the blocks ready to go, but they’re not quite ready yet. I’m trying to space them out so this blog doesn’t get overloaded- better to focus on quality I think. In the meantime, I thought I’d post this photo that zac just gave me from our spillway trip in the summer. I’m working on editing that section of the video right now, structure wise it’s unlike anything I’ve edited before, so it’s a new and welcome challenge. I would post more but my internet is insanely slow these days.



7 Responses to “quick update”

  1. I just bought a 21.5″ triple-gusset STA for $87.00. I’m planning on fixing it up and having yet another street destroyer, or just another frame.

  2. hell of a picture, guys.

  3. thanks tony

  4. This picture is so rad

  5. good times

  6. thanks jeremy

  7. Timbo Fleago Says:

    i once movie hopped and walked into the next theater after my movie ended and it happened to be a lord of the rings movie. i thought i had walked into the movie at the beginning of it but it happened to be the last scene and last line of the movie which was “im glad your with me.” then the credits rolled. i was pissed that i walked into the lord of the rings then to find out it was just ending i got even more pissed for some reason. so i dont know why but that picture just reminded me of it


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