Saskatchewan scene report on FAT

This is my first post on the blog since a few layouts ago. it’s been a while, but i think the topic is fitting.

there is a sask bmx scene report on FAT bmx.

seen here:

now don’t get me wrong, this is cool and all, and i don’t want to turn this into a review on an article.  however growing up in saskatchewan, i feel there were a few things left out, or looked over in the article.

first off, the only 3 riders mentioned are all pretty young, and sort of fresh to the scene (although they show tons of potential). while riders like Darren jones (owner and operator of the only REAL bmx shop in the whole province, modern evolution) seem to have been left out.  Darren jones has been around as long as i can remember,  trying to help out the scene in saskatchewan as much as he can. darren has started 3 indoors that i can count, and has put on a slew of jams, as well as usualy having a good solid mini ramp in his back yard. there are alot of older names in the saskatchewan scene, and if it weren’t for them, we probably wouldn’t have much of a scene at all.

second of all, the article says sask is a good place in the winter. that’s a bold faced lie. one of the two indoors it talks about was closed this winter, i do beleive. and the other is in PA. and no offence to the riders in PA, but not man of us want to travel that far north.. although there are some pretty good snowbanks to ride.

the article is right on one thing, regina has good street. but you really have to explore the city to find the good stuff. downtown, although fun, is limited. it also seems to brush off the two parks. a one year old skate plaza, and the park in rochedale. both built well, and both fun to ride. there are at least 7 cement parks in saskatchewan, and if you are making the trip to ride a park in a town that isn’t regina, estevan, prince albert, or saskatoon, i would say “put your keys back in your pocket, and go have a nap on the couch”. the article doesnt mention swift current. want a small town, with outrageously good street riding? take a drive to that stinky place, it will be worth it.

there are some pretty cool pictures in the article, one too many flyouts, but it’s pretty neat that there is something online about this small corner of canadian bmx. there are more riders in sask that don’t care about what’s cool, than almost anywhere i’ve ever been. and that is something that really sets the scene here apart.

you would be hard pressed to run into a rider, and have him shrug you off, or be rude to you. unless you make fun of his outdated bike, style, or any other shallow thing like that. the scene here may be small, but it hasn’t been ruined by BMX yet.

sorry if this seemed long winded, and hard to understand, i don’t write that often.

over and out, tyz


3 Responses to “Saskatchewan scene report on FAT”

  1. They should have consulted you first. Also, I dig your sense of history. Additionally, it did not seem long winded, so no need to apologize.

  2. well i was asked for pictures, alas, i only have ones of me in kelowna. so that didn’t really help. also, i dig that you dig my sense of history. it’s a six sense, i learned it from bruce willis.

  3. I’ve never even been to sask but im agreeing with everything Tyz says based on the fact he once saved me from drowning.

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