interview: tony archibeque jr.

I met Tony just a few short weeks ago when I had a job interview in Seattle. Tony and his buddy CJ were awesome enough to drive me around and show me some spots. We even drove all the way down to Tacoma to ride with Nate Delp who is a bmxboard connection. I really enjoyed those guys, and since Tony is a fairly prolific videomaker this interview kind of naturally came from that. From filming Dakota Roche before people really knew who he was, to somehow getting involved with the Metal crew, it seems like Tony gets mixed up in bmx situations without even trying. I’m willing to bet it’s mostly because he is a straight up awesome dude; he’s always super positive and happy, which makes him a great guy to be around.

All Photos by Sam Lyons


Big 180 over a really nice setup at a skatepark.

How many videos have you been involved with? Give a quick description of each.
I have made 3 videos that I have actully sold and countless web videos. I helped film for “Fitlife” “And helped film a clip or 2 for “Insight” that didn’t make the cut.”Yo soy De Oly Meow” was my first. I actually had a little premiere at my house, it was just for fun. “Second Grenade” Was my second and in my opinion the best. I had just met Dakota [Roche] and him and my best friend CJ [Evans] where over every single day so we started to just film for about a year or so. “Gettin loose” seems to be the one everyone knows me for. Its “the one with the dance music” as everyone calls it. I wanted to just have sort of a theme for the vid and for some people it worked and others it was bad, just like anything.

Who is your favorite person to film with?
Sort of a 3 way tie. Dakota because he’s such an amazing bike rider and human being but I haven’t seen him in a while and haven’t filmed with him for even longer. Martindale cause he would do so much good stuff and ride fast and turn any spot into something good. Plus he has the best attitude ever! CJ would probably be one of my all time favorites. In both videos he had to leave and wasn’t able to finish a part but he got more then half a part of really good things in only a few days/weeks. Basically he would just do anything. He jumped off a 2 story roof over a planter just for fun. Didn’t even film it..

What’s your favorite section in any the videos you’ve done?
Probably A tie between Dakota [in Second Grenade] and Ross/Kyle Emery Peck’s split part [in Gettin Loose]. Dakota again got stuff done. His part is still really good I think. He might disagree haha, he is always just looking forward to new things. Kyle and rosses part I enjoy cause I put 2 of the most opposite riders together and the filming was real good in my opinion with the exceptions of a few clips. Ross does things like flipwhips and really good flair variations. Kyle goes real big and real fast and does things like 180 tables at 90 miles an hour so it was good. No one could question who is who haha.

Tony has the nicest tailwhips. I’m sure this looked effortless but I bet he had to work for it. 

What projects are you working on right now?
Umm not much. Been filming random clips here and there. There is a bike shop in north seattle “revolution cycles” that wants clips So CJ and I have been filming for that. Been filming with Burns a Chris quite a bit for the bonedeath video. Also might send a few clips to Shad for the goods video. Sort of just been riding instead of filming but I have been making a bunch of web videos and will continue to do that. I am trying to get the ball rolling on a new video but it might be some time before it’s out.

Tony and CJ training a kinked rail. These guys live together, work together, and drive around in the same car, it’s only logical that they would share a rail every once in a while.

Describe the Seattle scene a bit for those of us who don’t know anything about it.
Not sure I’m the best to describe it haha. I’ve lived there for about 2 and a half years or so and it’s pretty good! Its pretty diverse. Some people think there is nothing to ride at all and others see endless spots! Just like anywhere I guess, there’s more opportunity if you’re willing to go big or think outside the box or even get out of your comfort zone. I’m definently not one to talk about that haha! I recommend visiting to anyone though!

I noticed some of Dakota’s clips from second grenade ended up in fitlife, how did that work?
Haha you noticed that? Soo when Dakota and I where filming for Second Grenade he was filming for Fitlife. He, CJ and I would basicaly go out for like 10 hour days and do nothing but ride and film. Best time of my life! Right as we where getting to the latter half of filming he had to get clips for fitlife so we would go to a spot and he would be like “ok this one is for the fit video” this one is for your video. After a while we just filmed everything and split clips up when we where done. He put all the clips he wanted to give to Robbie on a tape and gave it to him. I guess one of the clips I was going to use was on the tape somewhere or something and they used it. Im 900% sure Robbie will never see my vid though. The funny thing is I had never met Robbie and its like we fought over clips but we never met and I’m just some random guy and he has a company haha. Like 2 years later at the banks giving jam in cali he walked by and I said “hi” He looked at me and said “Hey! Tony Barbaque” and shook my hand harder then any man alive haha.

What’s the deal with 90’s dance music and why does Ryan Fudger hate it so much?
I grew up listening to alot of different music and I always remember listening to “Mr Vain” and songs like that during summer months and being all happy! Well I try not to be serious all the time; I wanted to make a “theme” video based on it, and I wanted it to have a good vibe. I forget that a lot of bike riders didn’t grow up with the same music and that it was even a little before my time, so like I said before it works amazing with some and not well with others. Not sure why he didn’t like it, must have been too much. He is pretty nice though. Not calling him old but I would think he would have grown up on it too! Funny thing is Navaz told me like a week before I sent it out to get it duplicated that I shouldn’t use that music cause I was making a good video crappy. We where at someone’s house and I was showing it to people and everyone was singing along and I looked and him and said see!!! everyone likes it! Instantly wrong. oh well I thought I tried something new at least.

Haven’t seen this trick in a while….

So you filmed a part for “Fresh Fish”, how did that come about?
I got an email one day from Brian saying that he moved to Shelton and was looking for people to ride with. I always tried to film clips for his vid but it never worked out. So when Here and Now finished and he got back from Alaska he started filming Fresh Fish. He was in the last few months of filming and I had a few clips and he said whoever films enough gets a part. So that’s what I did. I think it was a little hard because I don’t drive and he had to come get me. And I didn’t have alot of time on top of that to get things done but it seemed to work out.

Was it any different riding and getting clips for someone elses project?
Yeah. I mean I have many insecurities when it comes to a variety of things and knowing who he was filming made it sort of scary. My whole goal was to have the most amazing part and he was filming some heavy hitters so it pushed me alot. I would try and not do run ups on things. I would try and not settle for a crappy clip. I think overall it helped me a little better in many ways. I think that was the most positive thing that came from it. tony2

Kinked rail to second stage tooth.

Do you think you learned anything from that experience?
I learned that if its not your project, just try and be yourself no matter how hard it is to be. Also the way I would film something or edit something isn’t always what that person wants to do. I can’t complain though. I’m excited that I was given the opurtunity to be in that video and thankful he is letting me be in his new video.


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  1. nice, that was a good interview

  2. Tony Barbeque!

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