why darrell is awesome

This is a clip from the first time we rode with Darrell, he showed up on basically Ratboy’s setup from 1998 and nobody expected this…

Saturday, he grabs a year old Dig magazine off my coffee table and says he’ll read it on the drive out to Girdwood to “catch up on what’s going on in BMX”. This was about an hour after he did the craziest thing I’ve seen all year. Also, he showed up here a year ago with twenty inch wide bars and about twenty inches of seatpost, and could somehow bunnyhop like six inches over bar height. He does x-rides, he rides in full pads and a helmet, he charges everything full speed, and sometimes takes a couple cranks after he lands just for fun, and he’s amazing on a bike despite growing up in a town that had a three month riding season, one flat rail, and a few other things that none of us would consider real spots.


One Response to “why darrell is awesome”

  1. Darrell Says:

    idk what i was thinking lol all stuck in the early 2000’s

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