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little video

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jack and i went on a little ride the other night, and filmed a couple clips. the ramps from the indoor (no bikes allowed) skatepark are outside right now, and we rode those…

a wise man once said “tagging is one of the best things you can do”


This video makes me happy

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summer trip days 7-9

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We picked up like ten dudes and we’re in Seattle with Tony Archibeque. Whilst in Vancouver we rode the nicest, most dialed trails ever; they had multiple dirt bowls and fun downhill lines. We also rode some street and Hastings, met up with Matt James and did a lot of trains. Our first night in Seattle we rode Sammammish, which is a big cement park that was lit all night. Sessioned a Dennys until like 4 in the morning and then crashed at Tony’s place. We have three additional cars, Desson’s car with Ryan, Lone Wolf, and Slade; Andrew and the Kiwis and Noah and Rick from Oregon. Things that have happenned so far that I’m stoked on: Multiple fastplant maneuvers on street, raw dog filming burly clips at every spot, Desson giving me Dom Mach’s phone number, going to a double kink rail and people doing every trick I can think of on it, new lines at Garfield school, Hebrew National hot dogs andmy new yellow pedals. The trip is amazing, everyone is getting along really well, and people on this trip are really good at riding bikes!

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summer trip day 6

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We were intending to ride Vernon in the morning but slacked hard and went go karting instead, which was awesome. Sometimes we need a little break from bikes, just a little one though… We met up with Mat Ridgeway and rode downtown a bit and I snapped an axle jumping down a 3 stair. Mat was nice enough to give me an old wheel and we hit the road for Vancouver. The drive to Vancouver starts out unbelievable boring but gets interesting around Hope. This part of the drive has some of the steepest mountains I’ve ever seen, and some of them have cool looking rock faces like you’ll see below. We made it to the igloo just about an hour late due to some gps confusion, and met up with a big crew consisting of Travis Burroughs, Ryan Hiebert, James and Steven Van De Kamp, Anthony Messere, This dude Barret with no chain and some other guys (sorry in advance if I got names wrong, just going off things I remember from the internet). Seeing a place like that really makes me appreciate the things that have been done there. Things always look crazier in person; the Igloo is super tight and most of the stuff there is relatively big. The Igloo was probably the highlight of my trip riding wise, it has a five or six foot spine mini that I could ride for days and I did most of the tricks I know on spines, plus a new one involving a boneless (which is always a good thing). Anthony and James were blasting tables over the hip, Anthony is 13 and shreds ridiculously hard for a young guy. I’ll post some of his trails videos sometime, it’s crazy watching such a small guy do huge stuff and it was fun watching him learn ramp tricks. David did a flair (to flat!); Ryan learned downside whip disasters and really had that place dialed.

day 6 post 2

This hip was much harder to ride than Ryan makes it look.

day 6 post

The weather was fairly ominous coming in to town and it made for good landscape 6 post 3

One of the more interesting rock faces from the drive.

Just a quick video of Ryan riding the Igloo.

summer trip day 5

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We made it to Kelowna and we rode a lot. The photos pretty much say it all, look at that flair! I made David do the rest of this post, enjoy…


this is just one of the amazing parks in the Okanagan, Pentiction park

steven 180 barsmattmach 

matt ridgeway at city park,small park but very fun,were we got to experience first hand to bike police no tickets for some reson there were being pretty nice,one kid has 14 no helmet tickets!wow 



flair at pentiction were the day really got started,and it just took of from there crazythings being pulled all day


bar spin by david clay with the caprees at city park,i got stopped by the bike cops for no helmet,and asked  if could ride with them and they said okay,went to go get the helmet and they took off,pretty awesome

summer trip day 4

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Woke up in Burns Lake to pouring rain. We looked at the weather report and saw that it was raining everywhere so we slept in, which would come back to get us later. David lost his memory card at this point so we’re without photos, but I’ll post some video from here next week. Prince George was dry for an hour or so and we sessioned that. We drove another seven hours or so only to get to Coldstream just as the lights went out…

summer trip day 3

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We had a few technical difficulties with the camera, but I’ve got three days worth of posts here pretty much. After riding Whitehorse we drove down to the Stewart Cassiar highway, which is pretty much just a big backroad for about 500 miles. When I was a kid, my dad was a police officer and he was on the show Unsolved Mysteries for a case that took place on this highway. We camped beside a really cool lake and got up in the morning ready for an adventure. The drive was really beautiful, I got to swim in a lake, and we spotted a brand new skatepark randomly on the side of the road in New Hazelton, which T1 (the dude, not the company) got the funding for. The park was super tight, but we lasted an hour or so before it got dark, then we drove all the way to Burns Lake.


This is a sign you’re in BC.


A bridge on the Stewart Cassiar somewhere…


The bridge outside of Kitwanga I think. The red truck has been serving us extrememly well on this trip.


Our camping method was basically to drive until we got tired and then look for a body of water.


This lake was cold!


Everything at New Hazelton was like a mini version of something else. They packed a lot of good stuff into a small area. Fastplant on the slightly smaller than normal tombstone.


New Hazelton Bowl.


These rapids were in Moricetown. They were extrememly loud and powerful, and this photo doesn’t do them justice.