summer trip day 1

Day 1 of our trip was mostly spent driving. Not very exciting I know, but we did see some cool stuff. We drove about 500 miles from Anchorage to Kluane lake in the Yukon, crossed the border and slept in the truck when we got too tired. 

trip post 9

These signs were right after the Canadian border crossing, but for some reason the sign is still in miles. There’s about a 20 mile stretch in Canada before you hit customs (but after you leave the states) and they use this zone as a sort of Canadian driving orientation. 

trip post 10

We hit a rabbit somewhere around here.

trip post 3

This dock was having some problems… we shot this photo around 1 in the morning, this is something I’ll really miss about being up North.

trip post 11

The matanuska glacier, still in Palin country.


One Response to “summer trip day 1”

  1. Gorgeous pics. I likes. Especially the one where you hit the rabbit… Except, it’s too bad about the rabbit. But that’s hardly your fault, it’s been a big rabbit year. The wolves are pumped.

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