summer trip day 2

Day 2, we actually got to ride! We woke up and drove into Whitehorse around noon, and Whitehorse is really cool. Three locals, Colby, Lawrence, and Alex showed us around. The Whitehorse park has an  old school bowl and some newer street obstacles, and is pretty fun. There’s a great right hip, and David did a transfer that nobody had done before. After that we hit some dirt jumps, and to our surprise, I guess these guys all ride dirt on mountain bikes. Their spot, which is called the Clay Cliffs, is built into the side of a hill and every thing has a huge runway. The locals killed it, and David boosted their dirt quarter ridiculously high. After riding dirt, we went and rode a ramp at a church, which we deduced had been built by Ben McPherson, if you don’t know who that is, he used to be the Canadian FBM rider until he disappeared from the scene about five years ago. I guess he lives in Whitehorse and just started riding again.

trip post 2

Lawrence, no footed can.

trip post 4

Why is David half way up a mountain?

trip post 6

That’s why…

trip post 7

I laughed when I saw this jump… then Alex did it. This is serious, even with a suspension fork.


6 Responses to “summer trip day 2”

  1. I like these posts. I do vote more scenery, but I understand that this is a BMX blog and not a photography blog. 🙂

  2. anything and everything. how are you posting? joe, give me your number, if you would, when you see this.

  3. Great Blog!
    Great Fun.
    And be safe.
    Thanks for posting Alex. (I am his mom:)

  4. i wish i could have gone with

    • i wish i could have gone with.. im sick of whitehorse..! lol but i guess we do have some deece stuff to shred..

  5. Brian, my number is 404-446-6221. I was off in the bush for a while and now I’m back.

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