summer trip day 3

We had a few technical difficulties with the camera, but I’ve got three days worth of posts here pretty much. After riding Whitehorse we drove down to the Stewart Cassiar highway, which is pretty much just a big backroad for about 500 miles. When I was a kid, my dad was a police officer and he was on the show Unsolved Mysteries for a case that took place on this highway. We camped beside a really cool lake and got up in the morning ready for an adventure. The drive was really beautiful, I got to swim in a lake, and we spotted a brand new skatepark randomly on the side of the road in New Hazelton, which T1 (the dude, not the company) got the funding for. The park was super tight, but we lasted an hour or so before it got dark, then we drove all the way to Burns Lake.


This is a sign you’re in BC.


A bridge on the Stewart Cassiar somewhere…


The bridge outside of Kitwanga I think. The red truck has been serving us extrememly well on this trip.


Our camping method was basically to drive until we got tired and then look for a body of water.


This lake was cold!


Everything at New Hazelton was like a mini version of something else. They packed a lot of good stuff into a small area. Fastplant on the slightly smaller than normal tombstone.


New Hazelton Bowl.


These rapids were in Moricetown. They were extrememly loud and powerful, and this photo doesn’t do them justice.


One Response to “summer trip day 3”

  1. that actually looks like a sweet little park for such a small town, lol good find! Hope your trip is going well

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