summer trip day 5

We made it to Kelowna and we rode a lot. The photos pretty much say it all, look at that flair! I made David do the rest of this post, enjoy…


this is just one of the amazing parks in the Okanagan, Pentiction park

steven 180 barsmattmach 

matt ridgeway at city park,small park but very fun,were we got to experience first hand to bike police no tickets for some reson there were being pretty nice,one kid has 14 no helmet tickets!wow 



flair at pentiction were the day really got started,and it just took of from there crazythings being pulled all day


bar spin by david clay with the caprees at city park,i got stopped by the bike cops for no helmet,and asked  if could ride with them and they said okay,went to go get the helmet and they took off,pretty awesome


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