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Dave Stew tipped me off on how rad this part is. I’m moving into a new apartment and I don’t know when I’ll have the net, but hopefully someone else will post something and I promise a trailer upon my return. Oh, and I’m heading to Portland this weekend to finish Andrew’s video part and hang out with Shawn, Richard, Nate and Tony Barbecue. I promise to have the time of my life.


NW Video

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At the 2 minute mark there are a few clips from the Tigard park, the one where there is a Jam this weekend that I posted on last week.

PS Ryan I am super bummed that you can’t come down.

more trip photos

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This is the first round of black and white photos I shot on our trip. For this leg we went from Anchorage to Whitehorse, then down the Stewart-Cassiar highway (which I would highly recommend) to Prince George, Kelowna, and Vancouver. It was an amazing trip, and I hope you enjoy these photos. I hadn’t used my camera in years, but I feel like they came out ok. Here’s a map if you don’t know where these places are (click on it if you want to be able to read anything):


Click the photos to see them bigger. David shot all the photos of me.

aaron fastplant

New Hazelton had a mini version of everything. We were still pretty far North at this point and it was pretty surprising to see a real cement park on the side of the road as we passed through a town that if I were to guess I’d say has about 5000 people. This was the mini Penticton tombstone and it was really fun.

aaron tireslide

The bowl in New Hazelton was small and tight. There were marks all over the deck from people doing tireslides so I thought I’d give it a shot. It turned out to be more of a disaster, but I still like the shot. If you look closely, you’ll see a sticker that David stuck on me without my knowing it.

colby disaster

Colby Knowler and his friends showed us around Whitehorse, which turned out to be a really cool city. This was our last stop of the day, a mini ramp built by ex FBM/Ten Pack rider Ben McPherson behind a church.

david air

Prince George has long been the center of the scene up North, somewhat because of this park. We only got about an hour in here but it definitely lived up to expectations.

David Barspin

This is my favorite photo that I’ve taken in a long time. We were somewhere along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway at the time and we’d been driving for a couple days straight. The river on the right was typical scenery for that highway (amazing) and when we got out to stretch I immediately tried to figure out how I could make a photo work. I’d say it worked out.

david straight stepdown

This was at the trails in Whitehorse. These trails are run by mountain bikers (if you couldn’t tell from the giant stepdown). I laughed when I first saw this jump for it’s sheer ridiculousness. None of the locals believed him when he said he was going to jump it on a bmx…

david table

The trails in Vancouver were the best trails I’ve ever ridden. In a┬ácity known for it’s amazing skateparks, it wasn’t at all surprising that this line started with a six foot dirt bowl. David Clay learning tables.

james turndown

James Van de Kamp does some of the nicest, most textbook turndowns and tables I’ve ever seen. When you see the video you’ll know what I mean.

Matt James Icepick

Matt James met up with us in Vancouver while we were there. I’ve known Matt for a while but I had never met him in person, he’s a great photographer and an awesome dude. The bowl on the right used to be an oldschool Vancouver bowl but they tore it out and put this one in. The locals all complain about how the old one was better (even though it had no coping and was probably 20 years old), which I think is awesome.

ryan whip 3

Ryan can tailwhip anything. I always wanted to ride Hastings and it ended up being a bit of a letdown. I know that’s probably bmx blasphemy, but I’m just not that burly and the two hips that should have been fun have skinny landings with ledges on the other side. That being said, I would love to sit on the deck for a Joe Rich and/or Brian Foster session there.

best parody shirt

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I can’t believe I just thought of this tonight. I must have been completely off my game for like a year. (disclaimer: you have to be from Canada to get this)ANDHAVEFUN2


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BMX confession: I had never seen this until it popped up on the net tonight. I was absolutely amazed at the level of riding in this video. If you were around in those days, you’ll be able to relate, and even if you weren’t, you should be able to appreciate this video anyways. Some highlights include: Trails content breaking the 50% barrier, Van “Homen”, Isaac McCrea’s tabletops, and a Joe Rich section that was better than most stuff that came out for five years after that.


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I know there has been some talk of meeting up in Portland over Labour Day, and just noticed that there is going to be a Jam that same weekend, at one of the funnest parks here.

This is the park with a t-rex at the top of an 8 foot 1/4!

east coast photos

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Dave Drury and I went to a park called Skater’s Edge on Saturday and it was amazing. There are half a dozen good indoors within a couple hours of here and they all seem to have beautiful wood bowls.
taunton sesh 029

The old standby.

taunton sesh 024

Dave shredding the cradle. This was a definite contender for funnest obstacle I’ve ever rode.