the sunday video: it sucks

Thought I’d come out of retirement to say that. I’ve watched this video multiple times and I just can’t figure out what they were thinking. There are a couple good parts, but overall I can’t think of a more uninspired filming and editing job, or worse bmx soundtrack in recent memory. So yeah, save your money, don’t buy that.

I’ve got some parts done for the dvd and i’ll try to post a clip or two of leftovers every day.


4 Responses to “the sunday video: it sucks”

  1. So I have to know, what were you in retirement from? Also, when did you buy said sucky video? You normally are ultra, mega discerning in the videos you decide to buy. How did this one slip past? There are so many things I want to know. But I didn’t get to them because you told me I should be talking to my Grandma.

  2. wish this would have been posted a week ago

  3. Nice succinct review.

  4. Hey,
    You should give me that Video in Portland i’ll pay half of what you paid for it.

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