east coast photos

Dave Drury and I went to a park called Skater’s Edge on Saturday and it was amazing. There are half a dozen good indoors within a couple hours of here and they all seem to have beautiful wood bowls.
taunton sesh 029

The old standby.

taunton sesh 024

Dave shredding the cradle. This was a definite contender for funnest obstacle I’ve ever rode.


8 Responses to “east coast photos”

  1. looks like you’re having fun in CT. how are things?

  2. I love the footplant and I miss you.

  3. man that place looks so fun!

  4. such a good time, and long weekend of riding.

  5. i think i found where i want to go this winter. the scene up here is so bad now that you left.

  6. It’s because you smell bad Zac, no one wants to be around you.

    Aaron was the only one with initiative, the only one who called.

    I just want a job where I can make money dammit!

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