Dave Stew tipped me off on how rad this part is. I’m moving into a new apartment and I don’t know when I’ll have the net, but hopefully someone else will post something and I promise a trailer upon my return. Oh, and I’m heading to Portland this weekend to finish Andrew’s video part and hang out with Shawn, Richard, Nate and Tony Barbecue. I promise to have the time of my life.


One Response to “skateboarding!”

  1. One thing is true. Dave Stew knows rad. Even to the complete layman, it was super interesting to watch. I loved the song. I think it fit so well because he was wearing that hat. Skateboarding is like doing a balance beam routine on a rolling balance beam… I guess that’s why sticking the landing is so important.

    Also, aren’t you supposed to be picking your wife up in Portland? I thought that was why you were going. So it was really about a BMX trip? You’re giving me a complex here.

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