Summerland Grind Rail

Since there has been a little history going on here I figured I would share a story that I told Aaron I would write about.

In around 2002 (around the same time pegs went out), Sam and I had some speed line at the Summerland Skatepark. However there was a grind rail that was right in the way. No one rode it anymore, and some skaters had actually brought a shorter rail a few times, so we figured it was time for it to go.

Late one night we rolled up with his truck and pulled out a scissor type car jack. Popped it under one side and pulled it out of the ground. The other side we just forced out with leverage. We chucked it in his truck and from there it went under his house.

I guess a few years later he brought it to a bush party where some people tried to snowboard on it.

Starting in about 2006 I got on the lookout for it. After about a year (July 7, 2007) I was in Summerland and randomly asked a kid that worked at the Mac’s if he knew where it was. He said, “yep its in my front yard”. And it was on.

I had a friend pick it up and store it at his house. Then had Nathan and Ryan from Osoyoos get it to Vancouver, then my Dad drove it from Vancouver to Portland. Since then it has sat in my driveway and been seshend here and there.

Last week I left for 2 hours, when I got home, the rail was gone. I drove around for a while to see if I could find it, but no luck. Plus I didn’t take a picture of it, which is the only reason I had not written the story yet.

The sad thing, is that I was going to drive it back to Summerland some time and put it back in the same spot it once lived.

As a note, the rail was not original for the park, some kids just put it there, so it was not city property.


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