bmx tourism pt. 1

Last night a bunch of us went up to Albany to ride some street and indoor park. Albany, as it turns out, is possibly the Northeast’s biggest secret. In two hours of street riding we encountered almost a dozen spots from videos, all within riding distance of each other. The spot that I was looking forward to the most was a double kinked handrail. The first thing I saw it in was the clip from roadfools 4 below: 

Since then, this rail has been in sections featuring Sean Burns (gap to ice if I remember right, maybe tooth hanger too), Alex Platt (gap to tooth hanger), and Ian Scwartz (gap to crankslide). Rory Ellis even tried to ride up it. It’s about stem height, down a 5 flat 5, and square – in other words, it’s basically the perfect double kinked rail. I spotted it on the way to banksgiving and couldn’t wait to go back. Justin got it done first try at the end of our street session:

The wallride at the end has been in lots of stuff too I think. It’s at a school that has a gigantic curved wallride that Hoang Tran did in the come up video.

We went back after the park session so I could try the rail, but I passed on it in the end. I guess I’m still getting over the mental trauma from this:


2 Responses to “bmx tourism pt. 1”

  1. nice that bank to wall looks fun

  2. […] to get some real unique content on here. -Not really. I had envisioned something along the lines of this post, that pulled content from older videos, but in video format. Maybe next […]

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