wayne and darrell

Steve Heilman shot a bunch of photos for an article I’m working on, and these are some of the extras. Wayne was a filming machine this year and Darrell did more crazy stuff in like two days than I’ve done in my entire life.

This square is right in downtown Anchorage and is usually kind of a bust. Darrell was working security at the time in the mall next door and got to know the various aspects of enforcement down there pretty well – it was extremely useful. When we were in danger of getting kicked out we could just sit down and pretend we were taking a break from riding around the city; when the danger passed, Wayne would get up and do one of the two things he pulled here on that day. He must have done this 180 over the rail a dozen times while Steve and I tried to document it properly.

I’m only posting this photo of Darrell because the photo doesn’t really show what’s going on. I actually had no idea what he was going to do until he explained it a couple times, because looking at the setup you would never even think of doing what he did.


One Response to “wayne and darrell”

  1. That shit that Darrell is doing is retarded. I showed it to Luke and he just kind of looked at me weird and said “WTF?!?”

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